Songs of the Week 390: March 5 – March 11

#5. Eshaan – Upside Down

A catchy chorus will take you far in my books.

#4. Josh Cashman – Butterfly

Another week – another “feel good” track full of positive vibes and slick guitar riffs.

#3. Plus Feat. Son Little – Feel So Heavy

Grimy and giving me some major Tricky vibes for whatever reason.

#2. Alpha 9 – Feels Like Home

Wow am I out of the loop. Only when researching Alpha 9 to write this post did I realize it was Arty’s trance side project. Love me some Arty… and apparently love me some Alpha 9 too.

#1. Thunder Jackson – Love Sick Doctor

Might be a touch early, but honestly this one is probs gonna be my track of the year. This was the first Thunder Jackson song I heard and boy is it a banger. Love absolutely everything about it, including the music video.