Songs of the Week 391: March 26 – April 1

#5. Alison Goldfrapp – Digging Deeper

Alison Goldfrapp’s venture into solo-musician life looks to be starting off strongly.

#4. Tennis – Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight

In terms of volume, Tennis might have the most tracks gracing my Spotify “Liked” list. Their new album is fantastic, as is most of all their other releases.

#3. Alpha 9 Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Down To Love

If I can be lucky enough to see Alpha 9 live, this is the track I’ll be waiting for all night. A true banger.

#2. Alex Lahey – Good Times

An absolute killer chorus that does not get old. So catchy.

#1. Thunder Jackson – S.O.S.

Think this is the last of the Thunder Jackson’s tracks that’ll grace the blog for the foreseeable future. A brilliant song from a brilliant album. Already excited for his next release – tho it will be an impossibly tough bar to clear.