Songs of the Week 392: April 2 – April 8

#5. Tony Rosenberg – Simple Things

The most foot-tapping of jazz to ever be jazzed.

#4. Claudia Bouvette – Highly Unrecommended

Love the verses, but the chorus doesn’t seem to do it for me. That said, I am digging the Alanis Morissette kinda vibes here.

#3. M83 – Amnesia

One of my favorite artists to do the “toss on a random album and get lost in the sounds” thing with. Their latest drop was no different.

#2. Asta – Ahhh

Now this is a chorus that I can’t unhear. Not typically my kind of jam, but cannot deny the catchiness.

#1. Victoria Monet Feat. Bryston Tiller – We Might Be Falling In Love (Duet)

Already one of my favorite tracks of the last few years, and now it gets even better with a sick verse from Bryson Tiller.