Songs of the Week 250: January 12 – January 18

the feather#5. The Feather – Sister

Classic indie rock at it’s finest.

jordan ward#4. Jordan Ward – San Diego

Think I wore this one out, playing it way too much after the first listen. It’s starting to lose some of it’s charm… boy & bear-bird of paradise#3. Boy & Bear – Bird of Paradise

Continuing to jam our to Boy & Bear’s (not so new) album. Bird of Paradise is another one of the standouts.

binki#2. Binki – Sea Sick

This dude makes some really unique music. I always got time for something different. Loving the guitar riffs.

masego#1. Masego – Big Girls

WOWZA. It wasn’t even close this week. Masego’s blown my mind with Big Girls. It’s easy to pass off as a trashy hip hop track about strip clubs, but the more you listen the more layers you uncover about just how briliant and artistically strong a track this is. I encourage you to go check out the live rendition, which I think shows that off quite nicely.

Songs of the Week 249: January 5- January 11

alto moon#5. Alto Moon – Mars

Can’t find any information on Alto Moon. NOTHING. Even the picture I chose and cropped ended up jpeg’d to infinity. It’s a nice track though, and deserves a nice listen.

niia#4. Niia – Whatever You Got

Super sultry, sexy track from Niia with a nice latin-flair to it.

empara mi#3. Empara Mi – Ditch

What a powerful track. Gorgeous operatic backdrop with a “go fuck yourself” attitude vocalized in front.

boy & bear-suck on light#2. Boy & Bear – Suck On Light

I somehow completely missed the new Boy & Bear album drop last year. One of my all time favorite bands who have an incredible catalog full of really quality tracks.

shon weathers#1. Shon Weathers – Mine

The way to my heart in the past year or so has been catchy, light-hearted hip-hop. Mine is that to a T. Solid tune.