Songs of the Week 293: November 15 – November 21

#5. Jay Lewn – 6 Figure Flow

Jay Lewn | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Ugh WordPress doing things again and now it’s beyond me how to get a Soundcloud link embed in here (I think it’s actually not that hard but I’m stubborn and hate change so I prefer to just rant instead)… so Spotify it is! Smooth stuff from Jay Lewn.

#4. Felivand – Gone

FELIVAND | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Came across this track a few weeks ago but it wasn’t until it came up randomly on my shuffle did I kinda stop and think “whoa, what song is this?”. Definitely a different appreciation level on the second time around.

#3. Ludic – Terrified

Ludic | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Track makes the cut purely because it has segments which I find myself humming well after a listen, even if I admittedly am not crazy into the track. But when it’s got that kind of stickiness, they be doing something right.

#2. Vlush – Mello

vlush | Free Listening on SoundCloud

My fave discovery of last year (and maybe one of my fave discoveries ever) finally released some new music since Who 250. Same catchy, baseman hip hop pop sound.

#1. Kevyn Colt – Benz | I Know (Gashi Remix)

KELVYN COLT | Free Listening on SoundCloud // GASHI | GASHi | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It really feels a lot longer than 15 days, but that’s apparently when I first came across both the remix and the original of Benz | I know. I’m down the original… it’s legit. But Gashi’s verse on the remix version is so sick.

Songs of the Week 292: November 8 – November 14

#5. Ariana Grande – My Hair

Definitely not what I’d say is a “normal” track for this blog, but hey… songs got some swagger.

#4. The Knocks Feat. Foster The People – All About You

Talk about a power pairing. The Knocks teaming up with Foster The People!? You can better expect this to be a catchy pop track full of sing-a-long hooks.

#3. Pikes Feat. Next To Neon – Flex & Stretch

Best part of the track? Easily the last 45 seconds with the layered vocals. Wish that had been incorporated throughout the entire song!

#2. Breathe. – Home

Everything breathe. creates is amazing, even if all their tracks sound very similar (frankly I thought this was maybe a re-release of an older track). For a band that only has 6 songs up on Spotify, 5 of them currently sit in my “top tracks” playlist. That’s a good batting average.

#1. Loud Luxury Feat. Frank Walker & Stephen Puth – Like Gold

Easy top choice this week. Like Gold has dominated my rotation in the last 2 weeks. That chorus and those hums are etched into my brain. The mild drop is pure ear ecstasy. The track of summer… in winter.