Songs of the Week 267: May 17 – May 23

your neighbours#5. Your Neighbors – Beta

No idea if that’s the right Soundcloud link. Getting lazy in my old age. Regardless, Beta has got some catchy nice grooves to it.

loud forest#4. Loud Forest – Costa Rica

I often dig the unusual, and this song is kinda trippy.

roy woods#3. Roy Woods – 2 Me

Roy Woods still sounding legit. Far and away my favorite track from Dem Times.

freaky pat#2. Freaky Pat Feat. Cam Evans – The Time Being

This song is so fucking good, especially the first minute. The flow is genius. BUT WHYYYY. What’s with that transition 2:00 minutes in :(. Just as we’re getting into it, it 180s.

dornik#1. Dornik – God Knows

For some reason Dornik’s music all re-appeared at the time of my streaming list on Soundcloud (despite his new album not having yet dropped, and not to give it away or anything but you best be prepared to see a lot of Dornik coming up because it’s FANTASTIC). I’m so glad it did, as I somehow missed out on God Knows the first pass. Dornik is so criminally underrated. Dude is straight up a disco dance magician.

Songs of the Week 266: May 10 – May 16

kid froopy#5. Kid Froopy – The Santa Ana Public Parking Structure Closes at 12AM

This album is really cool. Kid Froopy is doing some dope stuff. I mean how does one even come up with an song title & concept like this? There’s probably an explanation already out there somewhere, but I’m not here to Google stuff for you.

ruben dawson#4. Ruben Dawson – SAYIMGOOD

If you need some energy in your life, Ruben Dawson is here to provide.

pete yorn#3. Pete Yorn – ECT

I went through a major Pete Yorn phase in the early 2000s. musicforthemorningafter was one of my favorite albums for a good long time. Glad to see he’s still making music true to his sound. Dude is really underrated

brandon#2. Brandon – Weep

Brandon’s gonna have some SEO & discovery troubles I believe. I appreciate the simplicity in the name, but man it was hard to find his Soundcloud page. Definitely one to keep an eye on though.

louie blue#1. Louie Blue – Hit It!

One of those tracks that I added to my playlist during the week and didn’t realize how good it was until I was going back thru my tracks for the blog this week. Some super smooth disco pop here.