Songs of the Week 125: August 6 – August 13

malena zavala#5. Malena Zavala – Should I Try

This track sounds like it belongs in a different era. The lonely plucks of the guitar usher in a sense of nostalgia. Real pretty debut track of Malena Zavala.

kid froopy#4. Kid Froopy – Drive Slow

This week is full of songs that have this inherent “cool factor” going for them. Drive Slow is the first of that (not that the Malena Zavala track isn’t cool… it just doesn’t have that same flair about it).

eventide#3. Eventide – Captions

Discovered Eventide a week or two ago, and had a tough time choosing which track to feature from their huge catalog of quality stuff. Came down to Captions and It’s Okay, so if you aren’t digging Captions above then go check It’s Okay out, as they are drastically different tracks. Artists who can add some versatility to their sound are always killer in my books.

le youth#2. Le Youth Feat. Ava Max – Clap Your Hands

Perhaps the industry leader in making “cool” music, Le Youth kills it with his new single Clap Your Hands. Gotta give mad props to Ava Max as well, as her vocals are on point. That first verse especially is magical.

quinn lewis#1. Quinn Lewis – Slipping

I could not stop playing this track the first few days after hearing it. It got me pretty good, to the point I’ve almost worn out it’s welcome already. It’s got the catchy lyrics and radio-ready chorus to get stuck in your head for days.

Songs of the Week 124: July 30 – August 5

j. hutton#5. J. Hutton – No Complaints

Grungy, soulful track from J. Hutton… and seemingly his debut track at that! Excited to see what he comes out with next, as No Complaints is a killer start.

holy oysters#4. Holy Oysters – Just So You Know

On first listen, I was completely enamored with this track. Had no doubt in my mind it would be top spot this week. It’s lost a bit of it’s charm since then, but it’s still a pure-fun-dance-party type song that has kept it’s place near the top of my playlist since I first heard it.

jerry folk#3. Jerry Folk – Stuck With This Obsession

Have you listened to Jerry Folk’s Purple Evenings mixtape? No? Then stop whatever you are doing and go listen to it. Straight up sexy jams is what that shit is… and the best of the lot (in my opinoin) is Stuck With This Obsession. This is suave songified.

foster the people#2. Foster the People – Sit Next To Me

Another rare time where I’m actually sharing a live rendition of the track because frankly, I like the live version more than the studio. I’ve always had a soft spot for Foster the People… and they are another band that’s pretty high up on my “how have I not seen these guys live yet?!” list. Big fan of Mark Foster channeling his inner Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) for this track.

snakehips#1 Snakehips Feat. Anne-Marie & Joey Bada$$ – Either Way

Wasn’t blown away on first listen, but now I cannot turn this off. It’s just so nice. It’s not mind-blown good. It doesn’t do anything crazy. It’s just a solid nice time. Gotta admit too that I’m a huge fan of everything Joey Bada$$ here.