Songs of the Week 301: January 17 – January 23

#5. Dual Manner – Let It Move

Dual Manner | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I came across this song sometime last year. It was aight. Added it to ma faves. Then I came across the music video earlier this week and realized just how catchy it was, somehow eluding me on first listen. Video features some solid dance moves as well, which help.

#4. Bay Ledges – Mango

BAY LEDGES | Free Listening on SoundCloud

While I’m still totally vibing to the track from last week (Feelz), after digging through the rest of Bay Ledges’ discography I’m pretty into Mango as well.

#3. Baby Queen – Raw Thoughts

Baby Queen | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This here is one well written pop song. Right from the very first few lines you know you’re in for a catchy track, which only builds in the hook and chorus.

#2. Wham! – Everything She Wants (Nicolaas Remix)

NICOLAAS | Free Listening on SoundCloud // Wham! | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A lesser known Wham! track (well, to me anyway) gets some love from my main man Nicolaas. It stays very true to the original, but emphasizes all the best parts to make it a real banger.

#1. Healy Feat. Beck And The Birds – Back On The Fence

Healy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Been following Healy for a bit now and was real impressed with his recent album Tungsten. This track, featuring vocals from Becky And The Birds, was defs my fave.

Songs of the Week 300: January 10 – January 16

#5. Goldspace – Butter

GOLDSPACE | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Wowza. Hit 300 weeks of weekly posts. That’s actually somewhat terrifying… and a hell of a lot of songs to sift thru. Start this week with an interesting track from Goldspace.

#4. Ben Macklin Feat. La Flex – Love Of Mine

Ben Macklin | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I looooove Ben Macklin. Almost anything he touches will likely find it’s way to these pages.

#3. Yung Bleu – 2AM In Houston

yung bleu | Free Listening on SoundCloud

So I don’t even really like this song, but it’s just stuck in a place in my head and it won’t leave. So here we are.

#2. Papichuloteej – Coverboy

PAPICHULOTEEJ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Another track that has been stuck in my head for days. Catchy lyrics will do that I guess.

#1. Bay Ledges – Feelz

BAY LEDGES | Free Listening on SoundCloud

If that first verse doesn’t get you moving you may not be alive. How goddamn groovy is this?!