Songs of the Week 211: April 14 – April 20

oscar key sung#5. Oscar Key Sung – Club Mate

Surprised that I haven’t featured an Oscar Key Sung track before. Feels like he’s been in and around my playlist forever now, but maybe just never had that track that really blew me away.

hailey orion#4. Hailey Orion Feat. Malik – Oh Well

A genre-bending track that hits the best of RnB, hip hop and indie pop.

shalom dubas#3. Shalom Dubas – Something Like This

She’s got fantastic flow, and I’m loving the background sax.

joseph lawrence and the garden#2. Joseph Lawrence & The Garden – Eclipse

If you like emotive, impassioned bluesy-soul, this one is for you.

jax jones#1. Europa Feat. Madison Beer – All Day And Night //

Jax Jones & Martin Solveig have become one, forming Europa. Debut single sounds like it came straight out of Eurovision, so the band name is apt. Banger track.

Songs of the Week 210: April 6 – April 13

onni boi#5. Onni Boi – Tides

Synth-heavy pop jam from newcomer Onni Boiiiii.

ruby empress#4. Ruby Empress – See No Evil

Ruby Empress are weird and make weird music. I love all of it.

the driver era#3. The Driver Era – Feel You Now

The Driver Era have the sound of someone who either are a bigger deal than I realize, or who will soon be a big deal with their radio-ready brand of pop.

always never#2. Always Never – Charged Up

While you could say that Always Never might be too attached to a single sound, when it Charged Up is a catchy-as-hell RnB track.

hot chip#1. Hot Chip – Hungry Child

It’s been wayyyy too long since we heard from Hot Chip. I hope they never stop making music. There’s something so captivating about their quirky brand of dance music.