Songs of the Week 260: March 29 – April 4

leedepee#5. Leedepee Feat. Kleo – Falling

Sometimes, it’s just gotta be a nice song to make it work. Also I dig compliment of Kleo vs. Leedepee’s vocals.

feiertag#4. Feiertag Feat. Alxndr London – Black Diamonds & Pearls

Seems I have a token “that’s kinda a weird track” song each week (and I use “weird” in the complimentary sense here). I’d pickĀ Black Diamonds & Pearls as that award winner this week. Loving the chorus though.

healy-nikeson#3. Healy – Nikes On

The more I listen, the more I respect the flow and the vocals. There’s more there than I think comes across on just a listen. Really like this dude’s rhythm.

brb#2. brb. – Undone

UGHHH. Picking the top spot this week was tough. Both tracks are deserving. This is some seriously killer throwback RnB. Those first few chords elicit some real strong 90s vibes.

snakehips#1. Snakehips Feat. TroyBoi – Wavez

End of the day, I tend to give an edge to any track that makes me groove. This shit right here is just made for the dancefloor.

Songs of the Week 259: March 22 – March 28

two feet#5. Two Feet – BBY

Two Feet’s really nailed down that heavy distortion, super sexy vibes sound.

muroki#4. Muroki – For Better Or Worse

Searched and searched and cannot find any social or soundcloud links for Muroki. Thank goodness for the Spotify upload.

kid froopy#3. Kid Froopy – Sometimes I Feel Like Crying

I don’t really know what to make of Kid Froopy. Outside of the unusual band name, despite having a good 3-4 tracks saved I don’t know if I’d be able to tell you what kinda sound you can expect. This one is what, electro-country? There’s a banjo in there I swear.

runrummer#2. Runrummer – I Like Getting High (But Not All The Time)

Ok so it’s not very lyrically diverse (or lyrically deep), but man this track is cool. It feels so different, and yet instantly catchy and recognizable. This is my kinda dance track.

jordan f#1. Jordan F. Feat Gryff – Without You

No this aint Corey Heart in the 80s… but if there ever was a track to through you into the music time machine and spit you out in the glorious 80s, this would be it. Gryff’s vocals are insane.