Songs of the Week 226: July 28 – August 3

russell louder#5. Steph Copeland Feat. Russell Louder – Who You Gotta Love //

Dramatic and catchy stuff from Steph Copeland & Russell Louder.

paper idol#4. Paper Idol – Still So Alive

This feels like a track that I will come to like a lot more down the road. It’s felt lost in the shuffle, as there’s been an abundance of new (quality) music over the last few weeks.

charlie burg#3. Charlie Burg Feat. J. Robb – The Steeze

This is smooooooooth. Wasn’t expecting bedroom jams from Charlie Burg, but here we are.

elijah woods#2. Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine – Taste

Really digging a lot of tracks from the duo Jamie Fine & Elijah Woods after discovering them a couple weeks ago.

still haze#1. Julian Avila – Solo (Still Haze Remix) //

Still Haze kills it with his remix of Solo. Now if only it was available on Spotify….. (please Still Haze. Please)

Songs of the Week 225: July 21 – July 27

chris larocca#5. Chris LaRocca – Dice Out

Those distorted vocals get me erry time.

hwls#4. HWLS Feat. Trapo – Shade Of

Trapo has such a distinctive voice, that even without seeing the artist on Spotify during my weekly discovery session, I knew exactly who it was the moment it began. HWLS is a newcomer to me though…

dirty radio#3. Dirty Radio – Who

Another solid, easy-listening track from Dirty Radio’s recent release. Album is really growing on me with time.

caius#2. Caius Feat. Eauxmar – Away From You

Caius is an artist who is shooting up my charts fast. Each release is unique and genre-bending.

vlush#1. Vlush – Linden Hills

The final stop on the Vlush tour is another short track, Linden Hills. I think this is the last stop anyway… there are a few more gems from Who 250, but not sure they’ll make the cut unless we have some really soft weeks in the near future. That said, I don’t foresee anything topping this album for me in 2019.