Songs of the Week 115: May 28 – June 3

tyzo bloom#5. Tyzo Bloom Feat. Casey Cook – Tip Toe

This song tears me up. I love the vocals and I love the flow, but I really don’t like the chimes and the chorus. Ying and Yang thing going on here, as I find myself always starting this bad boy up and then skipping it halfway through.

lake jons#4. Lake Jons – My Friend

These seem like some cool dudes. I am not a cool dude. Therefore, color me jealous. Was turned onto Even If this past week, which is a nice little tune itself… but it lead me to My Friend… a calm and simple little song that is full of feel good vibes.

slowes#3. Slowes – U

If I had any sort of musical ability at all, I’d dive right into this song and give it a remix. I love all the pieces here… the hazy vocals, the pulsing background “heyyy”s, the depressing tone. Such a great track, but boy can I hear some cool things that could be made from this.

fabian secon#2. Fabian Secon x 5iveBeatz – Rockstar //

Some smooth hip hop/RnB from Fabian Secon and 5iveBeatz. I think this one kinda loses some steam halfway through, but it’s got some nice flow and swaggar at the start.

alyss#1. Alyss – Pyramid

This song is so cooly-different. Never heard anything like it… but it works. That chorus is captivating, and the beat never seems to grow tiresome. Love it.

Songs of the Week 114: May 21 – May 27

lover#5. Lover – Nautica

Another up-and-coming artist whose sound belies his experience. Unless Lover has been making sounds under another moniker, he only has a couple songs to his credit and both are hauntingly gorgeous (as well as a pretty great cover of a Banks track).

farr#4. Farr – Blades

So glad the drop on this one didn’t lead to some dubstep. I mean it’s got a time and place, but frankly it’s refreshing to hear a build up that doesn’t crash down into a mess of sounds. Instead, we are treated to some deep vocals and a bit of a soul-funk sound.

flor#3. Flor – Guarded

Really enjoyed Flor’s debut album. In fact, I just enjoy them, period. They remind me a lot of early Two Door Cinema Club … not necessarily in sound but in style. It’s happy, fun music with some vocals that make an impression on you, but don’t steal the thunder of the music.

sound-of-arrows-2015#2. The Sound of Arrows – Beautiful Life

LOVE me song strings. Boy is this song pretty or what. The first track of what I expect will be their second album gives me some major Robbie Williams Millenium vibes.

snoopdogg759#1. Snoop Dogg Feat. October London – Go On

Did you know Snoop released a new album? Hell, did you even know he was working on a new album? I sure as hell didn’t, and then Go On graced my ears and brought me back 20 years. This is vintage Gin & Juice Snoop… but as good as his flow is I think October London steals the show. His chorus is sexy as hell. This track is also screaming for a remix/cover by Justin Timberlake.