Songs of the Week 150: January 28 – February 3

georgi kay#5. Georgi Kay – Guilty Pleasures

This one’s definitely carried by it’s chorus and pulsating synths. Could do some pretty cool things with this one for a live performance.

black tiger#4. Black Tiger Sex Machine Feat. Panther – Zombie

This song tears me up. Part of it I absolutely adore – and then parts of it leave me wanting more or have me kinda waiting for it to pass so it can get back to the parts I like. Regardless, it’s something different than what I’m usually into and have had it on my playlist all week.

biocratic#3. Biocratic – Extra Fresh

No matter what song follows Black Tiger Sex Machine, it will feel like an emotional drop. BTSM just have so much raw energy in their music that it makes something as funky and danceable as Biocratic’s Extra  Fresh seem like tame. This one works best with volume at max and a house full of people busting some serious moves.

drake#2. Drake – God’s Plan

Not sure if you heard, but we got some new Drake last week. /sarcasm. Felt like both songs were very “safe”. Not quite “made for radio” safe, but he didn’t push the envelope in ways he’s done before. I’m totally cool with that. God’s Plan has some great verses and that signature Drake singability. Those 5-6 lines after the drop are brilliant.

above & beyond#1. Above & Beyond Feat. Justine Suissa – Naked

If I could pick any band I have yet to see live and go to their show tonight, Above & Beyond would probably be my choice. Every album they release puts me in a good mood and almost always has one or two tracks I get hooked to.

Songs of the Week 149: January 21 – January 27

glen-hansard#5. Glen Hansard – Your Heart’s Not In It

I’ll forever think of the movie Once anytime someone mentions Glen Hansard. If you haven’t seen it, and this track at all piques your interest then you definitely should check it out. Hell if you like a feel good romance movie, it tickles that fancy too. In typical Hansard fashion, the song’s change of pace near the end really seals the deal.

mlapa#4. Mlapa Feat. Tyra – Without You I’m Fine

Super into the pulsing synths. Until then I was just floating along thinking that nothing too crazy was going on with the track and then “BAM”. My attention is yours.

mines falls#3. Mines Falls – In The Rain

I’m new to the crew at Mines Falls. The first 10 seconds of In The Rain sucked me in. Loving the lyrics and style of singing.

dooqu#2. Dooqu Feat. Trove – Letting Go

Was a few listens before this one really sunk in for me. Found myself humming the chorus in my head for days after though – just one of those tracks that has an easy-to-remember sound which’ll burrow itself into your brain.

ukiyo#1. Ukiyo Feat. Feelds – Something Like This

Lots of Featured artists this week on vocals. Usually when that’s the case, the vocals really stand out. That’s the case here as well – some smokey, blues-ish sounds from Feelds accompany a crazy cool blend of instruments from Ukiyo.