Songs of the Week 191: November 25 – December 1

duendita#5. Duendita – Yikes!

Not my usual cup of tea, but I nonetheless find myself continually coming back to Duendtia’s Yikes!.

robert rodriguez#4. Jesse Markin – Treat (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) //

Digging the spin Roberto Rodriguez placed on Treat. Been a hot minute since any prog house has caught my ear.

blv#3. BLV Feat. Jay Novus – Sexplanations

Guilty pleasure track of the week. I expect it’s going to make some serious radio rotations.

final djs#2. Final DJs Feat. Martin Carr – Does It Feel Good

Love Final DJs. They are experts at making easy-listening dance music.

alex vargas#1. Alex Vargas – Now That I Think About It

It’s been ages since I’ve heard anything from Alex Vargas. Last I remember, he was blowing up the blog world with his version of smokey, blues pop. Thank you Spotfiy for popping his new track into my Discovery feed. It’s lovely.

Songs of the Week 190: November 18 – November 24

Processed with MOLDIV#5. Lyves – Tell Me That You Feel It Too

New track from a much blogged about favorite of mine. Frankly, I’m surprised she’s not a bigger deal in the music world yet…

allan rayman#4. Allan Rayman – Might Get Strange

Wasn’t really into Allan Rayman’s new album, but I do think Might Get Strange is worth some solid airtime. Latin flavors and just catchy enough to have been on repeat all week.

talladega#3. Talladega – Voodoo Baby

With just 5 followers and 500ish plays on Soundcloud, Talladega are true newcomers to the music scene. Gotta say, they’ve got the catchy lyrics thing down. Kind of track that I can totally see making it onto radio.

suns up#2. Suns Up – Stay

Bit of a throwback track to classic rock, Stay is the newest release from another Soundcloud newbie.

lais#1. Lais – Focus

If you’ve heard Lais before, this track will not surprise you. It’s classic Lais at his best.