Songs of the Week 274: July 5 – July 11

#5. Will Hyde – Easy For U

Lots of artist debut’s this week, starting off with Will Hyde’s easy for you. Despite the title, it took me until today to realize it was “easy for you” and not “easy, fuck you”. Used to think it was a really aggressively angry song. Nah, I just dumb.

#4. Runoffbroke – Wish You Knew

I don’t think I’ve given this track enough listens. It got caught up in a slew of tracks I stumbled upon in a 2 day span. Now that I’m really giving it a proper listen I am starting to think it’s a lot better than I originally realized. Gonna have to check out the rest of RUNOFFBROKE’s stuff.

#3. Charlie Puth – Girlfriend

I had a lot of trouble rating the top 3. All I think bring something to the table. Charlie Puth’s track is straight up bubblegum pop magic. Don’t even try to act like this won’t be stuck in your head for days. The music video is a gem as well.

#2. 6lack – ATL Freestyle

6lack’s got a distinct style, but even if you account for that there’s a lot to like here. The lyrics and wordplay are top notch. Now one of my fave tracks from 6lack’s impressive catalog.

#1. Seph Cove – Falling


The second of our debut tracks from new artists. I don’t find myself drawn to folksy music much, but when I do find something I like it sticks with me for weeks. This is one hell of a beautiful debut track from a dude who doesn’t even have a Soundcloud artist page yet!

Songs of the Week 141: November 26 – December 2

jaydot#5. Jaydot Feat. Shalom Dubas – Laces

Another one of those tracks I’d call “cute”. I’m totally sucked in by the beat.

6lack#4. 6lack – Worst Luck

Been following 6lack for a while, but somehow I completely missed the fact that he released a new album. Mixed feelings on it in general, but there is definitely some good stuff in there – Worst Luck being an example.

Tundran#3. Tundran – Your Name

This feels like it’s straight off of a Phil Collins-led Genesis album in the 1980s.

jordan bratton#2. Jordan Bratton – Pieces

Back to back weeks of Jordan Bratton tracks. Gotta say that I’m into this one just as much as Sunsets from last week.

jimmy smash#1. Jimmy Smash – Macadamian

Enjoying this song more and more with each consecutive listen. Reminds me a lot of One Eskimo.