Songs of the Week 158: April 8 – April 14

whinnie williams#5. Whinnie Williams – Sorry Now

If this doesn’t stick in your head, you aren’t human. Painfully catchy chorus.

aquilo#4. Aquilo – Seagull

Aquilo returns this week (or last week) with Seagull – another in their long line of standout pop tracks.

bravestation#3. Bravestation – Gemini

Came across Bravestation this past week through a release of another song (which just mayyyyy be featured next week). Doing my “listen to every track by a new band ever” routine, Gemini stuck out as probably my favorite of all their tracks. Something real charming about this.

tom misch#2. Tom Misch Feat. Loyle Carner- Water Baby

There’s something about Tom Misch’s voice and sound that is incredibly calming. While I do love the verse brought by Loyle Carner, I can’t but help to do a couch wiggle to the soft vocals of Tom.

drake#1. Drake – Nice For What

Stupid catchy Drake. I swear to god I don’t know how he does it. He just has this knack for producing music that is irresistible. I will say that this track has worn on me a bit since the first listen (which literally had me thinking it was going to be top track of 2018 after 1 play). Just gotta learn the lyrics of this bad boy so I can sing along while I bust a move.

Songs of the Week 139: November 12 – November 18

kan wakan#5. Kan Wakan – Space Owl (Cut The Rope)

Super smooth stuff from Kan Wakan on Space Owl (Cut The Rope). Has a real “mature” sound to it, like it’s made for real upstanding adults who appreciate the finer things in life.

maudlin strangers#4. Maudlin Strangers – I Suppose

Really intrigued by the unusual sounds that pulse in the background during the entirety of this track – almost like an alien blob breathing or something. It’s subtle, and I can’t quite make out what instrument it is. Similar to the previous track, this has a bit of a jazz-bend to it that screams sophistication.

ruby empress#3. Ruby Empress – Kimono House

Ruby Empress are one of the few bands in my catalog right now for whom I eagerly await each new release. Their stuff is just so cool and interesting. I LOVED the Empressionism album – real excited to see what else they have coming down the pipe (also give this one 2+ minutes… as it really gets going halfway through).

aquilo#2. Aquilo – Ghost

After literally wow-ing me with release after release for the past 2 years, I’ve struggled a bit with the stuff from the boys in Aquilo this year. Nothing’s really been giving me those goosebumps that they so often gave me last year. Their album release this week though has changed that – Ghost is a fantastic track and a bit of change of pace for them (little more acoustic-sounding than usual).

maroon 5#1. Maroon 5 – Lips On You

This one was unexpected. I’ve never been a big Maroon 5 guy. For whatever reason though I decided to give Red Pill Blues a listen during work this week and I’ve been addicted to Lips On You since. It’s got the inside track on my “guilty pleasure” song for this year… right up there with Bruno Mars and 24K Magic.