Songs of the Week 139: November 12 – November 18

kan wakan#5. Kan Wakan – Space Owl (Cut The Rope)

Super smooth stuff from Kan Wakan on Space Owl (Cut The Rope). Has a real “mature” sound to it, like it’s made for real upstanding adults who appreciate the finer things in life.

maudlin strangers#4. Maudlin Strangers – I Suppose

Really intrigued by the unusual sounds that pulse in the background during the entirety of this track – almost like an alien blob breathing or something. It’s subtle, and I can’t quite make out what instrument it is. Similar to the previous track, this has a bit of a jazz-bend to it that screams sophistication.

ruby empress#3. Ruby Empress – Kimono House

Ruby Empress are one of the few bands in my catalog right now for whom I eagerly await each new release. Their stuff is just so cool and interesting. I LOVED the Empressionism album – real excited to see what else they have coming down the pipe (also give this one 2+ minutes… as it really gets going halfway through).

aquilo#2. Aquilo – Ghost

After literally wow-ing me with release after release for the past 2 years, I’ve struggled a bit with the stuff from the boys in Aquilo this year. Nothing’s really been giving me those goosebumps that they so often gave me last year. Their album release this week though has changed that – Ghost is a fantastic track and a bit of change of pace for them (little more acoustic-sounding than usual).

maroon 5#1. Maroon 5 – Lips On You

This one was unexpected. I’ve never been a big Maroon 5 guy. For whatever reason though I decided to give Red Pill Blues a listen during work this week and I’ve been addicted to Lips On You since. It’s got the inside track on my “guilty pleasure” song for this year… right up there with Bruno Mars and 24K Magic.

Songs of the Week 82: October 9 – October 15

the-boxer-rebellion#5. The Boxer Rebellion – Keep Me Close

Had the chance to see The Boxer Rebellion 4-5 years ago in Toronto. There’s something about their sound that I find captivating. Their guitar-driven brand of rock, combined with the distinctive voice of Nathan Nicholson, always get me excited every time a new album is released. While I didn’t find Ocean By Ocean as strong as their previous releases, Keep Me Close is definitely good for a bunch of repeat listens.

nick-jonas#4. Nick Jonas Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Bacon

I KNOW. I know. But bear with me here… Hoodboi just released a remix of Bacon that has been making the rounds across the blogosphere. Anytime I hear a remix I do my due diligence and give the original a listen as well. I wasn’t expecting much (Nick Jonas just isn’t my kind of stuff)… but you know what? This one worked. Yes it’s made for radio, but c’mon now. It’s catchy, easy to listen to “trappy-hip hop pop”. Whatever. I like it.

angus-dawson#3. Angus Dawson – Ocean in the Sky

Haven’t heard from Mr. Dawson in AGES (10 months, according to his soundcloud). Not since his brilliant release of Battles. Well, he’s back with another song to make you cry your eyes out and ponder life as we know it (to be honest I have no idea what the song is about but it just feels sad).

two-door-cinema-club#2. Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions

Every TDCC album is good for at least one killer track (and that’s not to say there wont’ be more, but with every release there is always one track that I just can’t stop grooving to). On Gameshow, that track is Bad Decisions. TDCC are pure fun and another band I had the pleasure of seeing when I lived in Toronto. At that time, Sun was my favorite track and it had the same pop as this one does. I know I saw this about almost every band, but TDCC are really one of my top 5. I tend to be a singles guy (in that I really only like 1 or 2 songs from every artist), but there’s a whole catalog of tracks that I adore from these boys.

aquilo#1. Aquilo – You Won’t Know Where You Stand

Another Aquilo track, and another momebt of depressing brilliance. I can’t find a soundcloud or youtube link to the full, non-live version of this track (unless of course you have Soundcloud premium), so instead the above rendition will have to do. I’m seeing these lads in a few mere weeks in Vancouver, and I look forward to being blown away.