Songs of the Week 209: March 31 – April 6

the knocks#5. Blu DeTiger – Mad Love (The Knocks Remix) //

Already a revisit of Mad Love, courtesy of The Knocks. I actually don’t even really like this cut that much EXCEPT the hook before chorus. Ugh. It’s addictive.

lpx#4. LPX – Falling To Fall

LPX is one of those artists who puts out quality track after quality track. I also just learned she’s half of MS MR, so that’s a fun learn (knew her voice sounded familiar from somewhere…)

gena rose bruce#3. Gena Rose Bruce – The Way You Make Love

Always refreshing to hear a new artist with a style that’s different. The smokey vocals of Gena Bruce to start of the track had me hooked immediately.

harrison brome#2. Harrison Brome – No More Love Songs

Don’t be misled by the title – this is a total bedroom jam.

grimes#1. Grimes – Pretty Dark (Demo)

Grimes is one of those artists that is definitely not for everyone. I didn’t get it (and frankly I still don’t really understand what’s going on), but there’s something in Pretty Dark that has taken over my soul. I actually believe that’s her intention. Mind control through music.

Songs of the Week 207: March 17 – March 23

eyes on the shore 2#5. Eyes On The Shore – Labyrinth

More easy-listening pop rock from Eyes On The Shore.

the drums#4. The Drums – 626 Bedford Avenue

Impossible not to have this stuck in your head after listening to even just the first 30 seconds.

blue detiger#3. Blu DeTiger – Mad Love

Sometimes it’s the chorus. Sometimes it’s the opening line. Mad Love has got me with the hook.

pages#2. Dwilly Feat. Emilia Ali – ADD (Pages Remix)

If I could find any links to credit Pages for this killer remix, I would. But alas, it’s impossible to track her (him? them?) down. Even their Spotify page is barren. Brilliance on this ADD spin though…

foals#1. Foals – Sunday

Already featured Exits, and now it’s time for Sunday, another fantastic cut from Foal’s recently released album.