Songs of the Week 347: December 12 – December 18

#5. Jay Glavany – Good Things

Pretty sure we got a good few more weeks of Jay tracks coming. A real solid discography from the dude.

#4. Martin Garrix Feat. Matisse & Sadka & John Martin- Won’t Let You Go

Feels like it’s been ages since we had a good anthemic banger to share. While this style of music might have faded over the past couple years, I still can’t but help fall for the catchy, predictable sounds of someone like Arty or Martin Garrix.

#3. Tory Lanez – Enchanted Waterfall

Not in the news for the right reasons… so I almost felt like skipping this share. But ugh. I do very much vibe with this one. That chorus catchy AF.

#2. Lemaitre Feat. Anna Of The North – What About U

This is such a wholesome, heartwarming song.

#1. Breathe. – It’s Not The End

Much like Baird from last week – if breathe. drops it, I’ll probably share it. I adore their sound, their style and basically everything about their music. Only gripe I got is that their catalogue is only six songs deep. I NEEEEED more.

Songs of the Week 292: November 8 – November 14

#5. Ariana Grande – My Hair

Definitely not what I’d say is a “normal” track for this blog, but hey… songs got some swagger.

#4. The Knocks Feat. Foster The People – All About You

Talk about a power pairing. The Knocks teaming up with Foster The People!? You can better expect this to be a catchy pop track full of sing-a-long hooks.

#3. Pikes Feat. Next To Neon – Flex & Stretch

Best part of the track? Easily the last 45 seconds with the layered vocals. Wish that had been incorporated throughout the entire song!

#2. Breathe. – Home

Everything breathe. creates is amazing, even if all their tracks sound very similar (frankly I thought this was maybe a re-release of an older track). For a band that only has 6 songs up on Spotify, 5 of them currently sit in my “top tracks” playlist. That’s a good batting average.

#1. Loud Luxury Feat. Frank Walker & Stephen Puth – Like Gold

Easy top choice this week. Like Gold has dominated my rotation in the last 2 weeks. That chorus and those hums are etched into my brain. The mild drop is pure ear ecstasy. The track of summer… in winter.