Songs of the Week 254: February 16 – February 22

brooke bentham#5. Brooke Bentham – Control

Starting off the week with a track that has some late 90s grunge feel to it.

teri miko#4. Teri Miko x Luca Rezza x Lil Eddie – Eyes Closed

Dubstep seems to have lost some steam after being EVERYWHERE a couple years ago. That said, I always can always make time for any hot melodic dubstep track that doesn’t burn my ears off at the drop.

roddy ricch-bacc seat#3. Roddy Ricch feat. – The Box

When the track started I thought the bed-creak mimc noise that will pepper the track throughout would turn me off… but boy it works nicely. My intro drug to Roddy Ricch has turned me into a huge fan. Will definitely have more features on this dude in the near future.

axel flovent#2. Axel Flovent – Driving Hours

Sometimes you just want to listen a nice track. This is a nice track.

terrell mackey#1. Terrell Mackey – Cool Dwn

One of the best parts about writing this blog is that it forces me to go back and re-evaluate all the music I’ve added to my spotify “liked” songs in the past few weeks to make the rankings for the week. I often “eureka” moments on a second or third pass of a track that makes me realize just how great a song is… something I likely would have missed had I not given it a second or third chance. Cool Down is one of those tracks.

Songs of the Week 105: March 19 – March 25

brooke bentham#5. Brooke Bentham – Heavy And Ephemeral

A song that really sounds like it’s from a veteran musician rather than what looks like the third track released on a newcomer’s portfolio. Looks like there could be big things coming for Brooke.

baba ali#4. Baba Ali – Otherside

Another track from a (seemingly) newbie in the music scene. Otherside is a grim and catchy blend of RnB and soul-ish pop. Really digging the Eastern European flavour to this one.

william bolton#3. William Bolton – One Way

This guy is a music making machine. If you like quantity, he’s definitely got you covered. I wouldn’t say every track is a smash hit, but there is some real quality in there. One Way is a pre-summer track that sets the mood for what is hopefully a warm and sunny season coming our way.

maximillian#2. Maximillian – Hey Now/ Pink + White (Cover/Mash Up)

Two of my favorite songs by two of my favorite artists. Did I think it’d work when I saw the title? Nope. Does it work. Beautifully. It helps having a captivating voice, but honestly the minimalistic, almost eerie silence that accompanies the vocals is equally powerful.

allday#1. Allday Feat. Japanese Wallpaper – In Motion

This one grew on me big time. At first listen, wasn’t too sure I was digging Allday’s switch from his usual hip hop to emo-esque pop. That said, something has drawn me in and now I find myself playing this one on repeat.