Songs of the Week 70: July 24 – July 30

feki#5. Feki Feat. Dom Vino – You Got Me

The song made for that scene in the next big “coming of age” movie where the young man takes those daring steps across the schoolyard to go ask out his high-school crush.

warm brew#4. Warm Brew – Mission

This one would be a no questions asked #1 for this week (and probably a top 10 favorite if I ever got around to updating that goddamn page) had they used that RIDICULOUSLY smooth hook before the chorus in that first verse as the chorus instead. It’s far and away the highlight of this track for me, and completely overshadows everything else. (Because I know absolutely nothing about music theory and probably called it the hook when it’s not even the hook, the part I’m referencing starts at 1:20 and goes to 1:47).

poolside#3. Poolside – And the Sea

I can’t quite figure out what this song is for. There’s definitely some specific moment that works here. I mean, I want to say sitting by the pool, but I feel like I’m being subconsciously influenced there by the band name. Strolling down beachfront boulevards? I dunno…Whatever that moment is, they’ve captured it perfectly.

roosevelt#2. Roosevelt – Fever

Super jazzed for Roosevelt’s debut album (coming out mid-August). For now we’re teased with Fever and all of it’s “long, lazy summer nights out frolicking” goodness.

leo stannardLeo Stannard – In My Blood

If I was into men, I’d have a major crush on Leo Stannard … and to be honest, even tho I’m not into men I still can’t help but swoon every time a new track comes out and manages to have me swaying along to the plaints of love lost or love gained (one day I’ll actually pay closer attention to lyrics, but for now I just make educated guesses based on the flow and feel of the track). I have a major thing for tracks that breakdown and build back up, powered by some strong vocals and the gradual re-introduction of instruments (yea I know… it’s a bit of a niche thing…). In My Blood has it, and has it in the best way possible.

Songs of the Week 69: July 10 – July 16

alain chamfort#5. Alain Chamfort – Trace De Toi

#1 – Yes, I realize that’s a wikipedia link up there. But that’s what happens when you feature someone who’s been releasing music since 1979 (or earlier) and doesn’t have a souncloud. #2 – this is an odd one, especially for this blog. But bear with me here. I came across this, which tickled my music bone and led me to looking up the original. After firing up the original, I was in love with those opening bars. So much so that I was angry it wans’t part of the actual song, but instead ANOTHER different song which lead me to Traces De Toi. Unfortunately, my favorite bit is only really the closing of Traces De Toi, but there’s something about this that just has me.

edx#4. EDX – Touch Her, Feel Her

Similar to the Alain Chamfort track (but in a very different genre), the opening of this song is killer and really wish it played a bigger part in the track. Instead, it’s a relatively calm dance track that never quite hits it’s peak in my opinion. Another song that is just begging to be remixed.

polographia#3. Polographia (Feat. Winston Surfshirt) – Sly

Can we talk for a second about how amazing the name Winston Surfshirt is? And then can we discuss how unfairly catchy the chorus of Sly is? It’s been over a week now and I still can’t get this out of my head.

kaptan#2. KAPTAN – Numbers

This is nice times. It has that recognizable feel of a song you have heard before that you love, but you can’t quite remember which one. I expect we’ll be hearing this all over the radio, in the Starbucks’ and at all those fancy clothing stores that the kids shop at soon. It has that feel of “big hit” written all over it.

jean tonique#1. Jean Tonique Feat. Dirty Radio – Lit Up

Already a big fan of Dirty Radio, but this here is just a whole new level of dance-party. Jean Tonique has me wanting to take over the playlist at the next house party I go to just so I can dance to this jam with all my friends. Another song where I find myself losing it to the wonders of a glorious chorus.