Songs of the Week 171: July 8 – July 14

extremely bad man#5. Extremely Bad Man Feat. Alexis Moraites – Stay (Part 2)

The perfect song for that lazy Sunday idling in the park or on the couch for hours on end.

roosevelt#4. Roosevelt – Under the Sun

There’s something about all of Roosevelt’s tracks that manage to keep me interested, but don’t really get me totally hooked. I’m kinda on the precipice of being absolutely in love with every single Roosevelt track, but it just never goes over the edge.

chromeo#3. Chrome Feat. Amber Mark – Just Friends

I’ve probably said this before (as I know I’ve featured Chromeo previously), but I’m not really a huge Chrome fan. Yet, I believe this is the 2nd Chrome track in under a month. Go figure. Really digging Amber Mark’s lines. Super sassy. I also really dig it when artists have “conversations” in songs. The back and forth between Chrome & Amber Mark is great.

panic at the disco#2. Panic! At The Disco – The Overpass

Definitely didn’t see myself getting back into Panic! At the Disco, but yet here we are. Though I didn’t really enjoy the entire album, it did serve as a great nostalgic blast from the past and send me back to my teenage angst years. I did gravitate towards The Overpass – just can’t get enough of the catchy verses and background off-vocals. Not sure what the hell happens though 2:00 minutes in. Just get’s weird.

fullee love#1. Fullee Love – Deney Terrio

More artists need to do the pseudo-live sounds like Fullee Love does here at the start of Deney Terrio. Just sounds so damn cool and makes me feel like I’m at a live show. It’s not overpowering or anything – instead it compliments the full, groovy sounds.

Songs of the Week 166: June 3 – June 9

jungle#5. Jungle – House In LA

Hazy summer vibes carry us into season with Jungle’s (relatively) recent release, House In LA.

chromeo#4. Chromeo – Bad Decision

This song would be so much higher on my list, but I just can’t seem to get into the chorus. Those verses tho… ultimate Chromeo catchiness. The chorus though just feels too “radio”.

ty dolla sign#3. Ty Dolla $ign Feat. A$AP Rocky – Dawsin’s Breek (Remix)

For whatever reason, I’ve been obsessed with this song in for the past few weeks. It’s by no means new, and I definitely had a few rounds at it when it was first released. It didn’t do much for me at first… but now. Now it’s just stuck in my head forever.

pnau#2. Pnau – Changa

Another “old” track that has captured my attention. Changa feels different than most dance tracks you hear – perhaps it’s the tribal influence. Perhaps it’s just cause it’s Pnau – where every song is kinda weird but still so, so danceable.

mesita#1. Mesita – Yr Eyes

Mesita is quickly becoming my favorite musician. I was super into him a few years ago when he released the Small Table EP, but sorta stopped following him. Luckily, Yr Eyes went pretty big and it surfaced in my daily music search, re-introducing me to Mesita and all his glory. There are so many good tracks in every one of his releases – if you at all dig the sound here, I’d highly recommend giving his catalogue a go. Bit of a Radiohead thing going on.