Songs of the Week 254: February 9 – February 15

curren$y#5. Curren$y – Pound In The Sky

I just can’t keep up with Curren$y. Dude puts out too much music to stay current with what’s he’s up to. He’s definitely my hip-hop guilty pleasure tho.

slodown#4. Slowdown Feat. Bohan Phoenix & 9m88

Something different, with the strings really catching the ear and making a super chilled-out RnB track stand out. Reminds me a lot of The Weeknd.

johan lenox#3. Johan Lenox Feat. Yung Pinch – No One Wants To Dance Anymore

More strings!

cubicolor#2. Cubicolor – Wake Me Up

Was a coin flip for top spot this week. Both this track and the one that ends at #1 are fantastic in their own right.

phlake#1. Phlake Feat. Mercedes The Virus – Slip Away

Noticed that I have a lot more Phlake tracks on my playlist than I was aware. Slip Away is far and away my favorite so far from the duo. That chorus is just too good.

Songs of The Week 182: September 23 – September 29

navvi#5. Navvi – Human Highlight Reel

There’s something very calming about the atmospheric¬†Human Highlight Reel. That is, until the panic-inducing guitar chords start ripping near the end…

currency#4. Curren$y – 67 Turbo Jet

Curren$y is one of my all-time fav hip hop artists. While this track ain’t new, it recently got a re-release (along with a few other classics), giving me a good excuse to go back and re-visit the chilled-out weed rap king.

bob moses#3. Bob Moses – Back Down

New album by Bob Moses strikes me as very similar to their previous record. A catalog of tracks that are brilliant and perfect as background music to groove to. Nothing really sticks out and grabs my attention, but I find myself bobbing along to almost every single track.

khalid#2. Khalid – Better

While I’m very (VERY) slowly getting sick of how much this dude gets played anywhere I go, I can’t help but acknowledge how damn good all his tracks are.

akine#1. Akine – Money In Your Mouth

By far the catchiest of the tracks shared this week. Self-described by Akine as anti-pop, I can totally see this tracking making it’s way into an H&M or Starbucks in the very near future.