Songs of the Week 278: August 2 – August 8

#5. Two Another Feat. Arno Faraji – Just A Phase

Two Another are starting to take over my Spotify. Seem that with each passing week they drop another track that manages to make the cut. Arno Faraji’s vocals are pretty slick here as well.

#4. Gashi – Lies

Easily my favorite track from the recently released 1984. Dark and brooding.

#3. Curren$y – Coast 2 Coast

At this point I don’t even know if I need to write words anymore about this dude. He releases an album seemingly every week, and despite some of it sounding tired and worn our there is almost always at least one track that manages to make it thru the cut and get some major air time on my playlist.

#2. Balu Brigada – Part Time

Another feel good track from the aptly titled Feel Good Mixtape. Got a few more coming from these boys.

#1. Brasstracks Feat. Col3trane – Missed Your Call

The lads known for infusing their tracks with brass sounds, they benefit here from some brilliant vocals from Col3trane, resulting in an up-beat summer track.

Songs of the Week 254: February 9 – February 15

curren$y#5. Curren$y – Pound In The Sky

I just can’t keep up with Curren$y. Dude puts out too much music to stay current with what’s he’s up to. He’s definitely my hip-hop guilty pleasure tho.

slodown#4. Slowdown Feat. Bohan Phoenix & 9m88

Something different, with the strings really catching the ear and making a super chilled-out RnB track stand out. Reminds me a lot of The Weeknd.

johan lenox#3. Johan Lenox Feat. Yung Pinch – No One Wants To Dance Anymore

More strings!

cubicolor#2. Cubicolor – Wake Me Up

Was a coin flip for top spot this week. Both this track and the one that ends at #1 are fantastic in their own right.

phlake#1. Phlake Feat. Mercedes The Virus – Slip Away

Noticed that I have a lot more Phlake tracks on my playlist than I was aware. Slip Away is far and away my favorite so far from the duo. That chorus is just too good.