Songs of the Week 94: January 1 – January 7

curreny#5. Curren$y Feat. Starlito – Told Me That

Curren$y makes way too much music for me to be able to keep up. I decided to check in on him as I hadn’t really heard anything since Pilot Talk III. Well, turns out he’s only released 3 billion mix tapes since then so I’m way behind. I did my best to catch up, and Told Me That was what I found myself groovin to the most.

harlea#4. Harlea – You Don’t Get It

Real tough week this one. I honestly don’t like having this at #4… it should be at LEAST a #2. However, there is just so much quality stuff this week that Harlea will have to settle. It’s a stunning track, full of swagger and powerful chords that carry with it a bluesy-rock feel. Really really love the chorus.

ten-fe#3. Ten Fe – Twist Your Arm

Despite not really blowing my socks off on the first listen, I’m kind of entranced by Twist Your Arm. It reminds me of songs I used to love in University – catchy pop rock that is deeper than it first appears.

ofenbach#2. Ofenbach – Be Mine

When I first heard this track I was convinced it’d be #1. The beat is ridiculously catchy, something that will have you humming it for the rest of the day subconsciously after your first listen. However, as is often the case, a challenger appeared at the last minute…

max-liese#1. Bridgit Mendler Feat. Kaiydo – Atlantis (Max Liese Remix) //

Hit play and was really feeling the trap grooves. Like most, I was a bit worn out on the dubstep/track scene from last year’s overkill… but this one was re-igniting it a bit. AND THEN Kaiydo’s verse kicked in. GODDAMN. It’s some of the smoothest flow I’ve ever heard. I really wish there was one more verse, because I find that I listen to this track now just for that one minute of hip hop ecstasy.

Songs of the Week 92: December 18 – December 24

mesita-2#5. Mesita – Intimacy

Was introduced to Mesita last week, which was great news because I fell in love with a whole whack of his music. Intimacy is the latest release, which is a great introduction into his brand of hazy, psychedelic indie pop.

kida#4. Kida – Snakes

I find this track absolutely entrancing. There is something about the pulsing chorus that just completely sucks me in.

john-splithoff#3. John Splithoff – Sing To You

Was having a bit of a rough morning earlier this week. I can’t remember what caused it, but I was not in a great mood. I was in the middle of something just adding to the pile of shit that was going on when this song came up on my HypeM playlist, and everything just seemed to melt away. I was instantly in a good mood. Nothing fancy going on here…just some easy-on-the-ears pop music that is made to sing along with.

mesita#2. Mesita – All Out In the Open

YEP. Double dosage of this week. I wasn’t joking when I said that Mesita blew my socks off. After giving a solid listen to all of his stuff that I could find, All Out In the Open was my favorite track. That guitar riff is what does it for me. When you hear it, you’ll know which one I’m talking about.

gigamesh#1. Promises Ltd. – Days of Lavender (Gigamesh Remix) //

Somehow in the bazillion remixes that came out for Promises Ltd.’s Days of Lavender, I managed to miss out on the disco-infused edit curated by Gigamesh. It’s glorious.