Songs of the Week 262: April 12 – April 18

drake#5. Drake – Toosie Slide

UGH. It’s almost in pain that I post this. I mean wtf is that lyric “basically I’m sayin either way we bout to slide…”. It’s so lazy and IMO ruins what’s legit a pretty sick track. The verses are classic Drake and painfully good. But that chorus is basically just pandering to TikTok (and apparently it’s working – breaking records left and right). I dunno, this coulda been such a good track. Instead it’s kinda “ya ok it’s good but i’m mad at you”.

his bitter truth#4. His Bitter Truth – Planets

Any artist or track endorsed by Ben Macklin is good in my books (even better, this was written and producsed by him!). Some solid electro disco vibes from someone who doesn’t appear to have a Soundcloud or Facebook page…

aaron marco#3. Aaron Marco – Told You

Catchy Sam Smith-esque pop.

allan rayman#2. Allan Rayman – I Talk To My Cigarette

My relationship with Allan Rayman is complicated. I mean first he doesn’t even know we have a relationship, but we do. Second, I touted him so so so highly to my very music-hip friend when she was visiting, dragged her to his show and it was a complete bomb (partly due to bad sound, meaning he had to go Acapella halfway through, but in general it just was a bad show). And yet, Graceland remains one of my top 5 favorite songs ever probably. I still love his sound, and I Talk To My Cigarette is catchy and clever enough for me to stay interested.

lauv#1. Lauv – Miss Me

Didn’t expect this to be the #1 track when I started out this week but here we are (I’m looking at you Drake… this should be you). It’s just a demo, and I’m really hoping he expands this out a bit to be a 3-4 min track. Nevertheless, the Lauv charm is there in full force.  Dude knows how to write catchy, teenage love pop tracks… and I’m totally here for it.

Songs of the Week 205: March 3 – March 9

netsky#5. Netsky Feat. Lil Wayne & Bazzi & – I Don’t Even Know You Anymore

Really feel like Netsky should have brought the Biebs on for this one, but it works surprisingly ok with Lil Wayne and Bazzi.

mo brandis2#4. Mo Brandis – Think

Think I said last week that this guy got caught up in the numbers game with so many similar artists that rock a similar style. But CMON. Don’t tell me that if this track was released as the Jonas Brothers that it wouldn’t be top of the charts. Mo is super underrated.

van bellman#3. Van Bellman – All This Time

Feels like it’s been a while since I featured a “feel good” song. The wait is over. The perfect Valentines Day song that was just a week or so too late.

drake#2. Drake – Ignorant Shit

The beat on this track is among my all time favorites for any hip hop track ever. I know I know, it’s not Drake’s. That said, Drake plays over it real well. If this song just ended after Drake’s verses it’d probably be one of my favorite tracks of the year so far. Lil Wayne’s verse seems realllll lazy.

big data#1. Big Data – Unglued

The kings (and queens) of catch, Big Data release another track that’ll be stuck in your head for months. Turn your speakers way up for this one.