Songs of the Week 85: October 30 – November 5

snakehips#5. Snakehips Feat. Zayn – Cruel

Snakehips have gone full pop apparently… not that I’m complaining or anything. Who doesn’t love a good pop track? Not sure I’m totally digging the vocals here, but can’t deny that there’s some swagger and danceability with Cruel.

trella#4. Trella – Retreat

Talking about swagger – I am really loving the pace of Retreat from relatively unknown Trella. The pulsing piano chords are catchy as hell and there’s some really great lyrical play here as well. Also is that a saxophone I hear?! Nice times.

couros#3. Couros – Breathe Again

I think my favorite part of many songs is taking different directions with your lyrics and verses. Too many songs stick to a boring old pattern or rhyme scheme. Couros rocks my socks with pace that (at least to me) feels unusual… and it’s really refreshing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#2. Dragonette – Darth Vader

Dragonette are back with another dance pop banger, carried once again by some gorgeous, powerful vocals. Dragonette must be one of the most consistent acts these days in producing only quality in everything they release. Seems that song after song makes it’s way onto my playlist from these guys.

embrz#1. The 1975 – Somebody Else (Embrz Remix) //

I must really not have been paying attention this summer, because I completely missed the 1975 releasing an album. I only heard Somebody Else after hearing this remix… and let me say that both are fantastic. The original is a depressing love song with that classic The 1975 sound, whereas the Embrz remix adds a bit of bounce to make it more of a sad, depressing dance track.

Songs of the Week 79: September 18 – September 24

raine#5. Raine – My Dreams

A lovely melody carries My Dreams to the 5 spot this week. Can’t say I know much about Raine, but with just three tracks to her name (on Soundcloud anyway), all released in the past 2.5 months… I expect we’ll be hearing from her again soon.

moonzz#4. MOONzz & Melvv – Goodbye //

Another MOONZz track because, well… why not? Her recent EP release was amazing. Here she combines with Melvv for some more electronica goodness.

vincent#3. Kehlani – Gangsta (Vincent Remix) //

Remix, Flip, whatever.. it’s all the same thing to me. I already adore Kehlani, and Vincent turns her lucious Gangsta into a banger dubstep track that is made for the club. Also loving the warped vocals.

meadowlark#2. Meadowlark – Headlights

This one is all chorus. I’ve had it spinning in my head ever since it first graced my ears, and I find myself constantly humming “oh my oh my god” without even thinking about it. Never underestimate the power of a catchy chorus.

frank-ocean#1. Frank Ocean (Feat. Beyonce) – Pink + White

Up until a few days ago there was a Youtube link for this one (obviously fan-uploaded illegally), and I’m super bummed out that it got taken down. The video chosen to accompany what is EASILY my favorite track from Frank Ocean’s latest was an anime clip (I cannot remember the show), and well… it just went perfectly with the song. I don’t watch anime, but now I can’t listen to this song without picturing this clip from the video. So sad that I can’t share it. Regardless, beautiful track.