Songs of the Week 90: November 27 – December 3

zimmer#5. Zimmer Feat. Fhin – Lost Your Mind

While I’m already a big fan of both Fhin and Zimmer, it’s the lonely, The XX-ish guitar that steals the show for me. It’s subtle and not prevalent enough for my liking, but it is nevertheless captivating.

public#4. Public – 4Her

Some lighthearted, fun Brit-pop from Public (and yes I realize that they are from Cincinnati, but for some reason I am getting major Brit-pop vibes here).

sara-hartman#3. Sara Hartman – From the Other Side of the World

I get an immediate sense of lonliness listening to Sara Hartman’s From the Other Side of the World. It’s a beautiful song with a full sound and some great layering.

oliver2#2. Leon Else – Dance (Oliver Remix) //

The original by Leon Else is fantastic in it’s own right, but I love what Oliver did to the track. Gave it a more steady bounce that doesn’t quite get as amped up as the original, but has me dancing all the same. I went through a huge disco phase in the early 2000s, and this brings me back to that (it’s also scary to think of the early 2000s as a long time ago).

oliver#1. Oliver – Electrify

Yep – it’s a double Oliver kind of week. Which also means it’s a double disco kind of week. I LOVE the vocals here. For some reason this makes me think of the track from A Goofy Movie, which was probably my favorite song back when I was a kid for a good 2 months after I first saw the movie.

Songs of the Week 57: April 17 – April 23

terror jr

#5. Terror Jr – 3 Strikes

An impressive debut from Terror Jr will stay in your head long after your first listen. That’s not always a good thing, but when the track is anything like 3 Strikes then there are no worries to be had.

fairchild#4. Fairchild – Neighbourhoods

It’s been really tough this week to rank the top 5. Nothing stood head and shoulders above everything else (as a song or two usually does). Fairchild’s entry is a catchy indie-rock jam carried by foot-tapping rhythm and a sweet chorus. It could just as easily be #1 this week as it is here at #4.

dusky#3. Dusky – Ingrid Is A Hybrid

If you’ve been here before, you may be aware that Dusky’s Skin Deep is easily one of my favorite songs ever. It was #1 on my running top-10 list for months. Welp, we got some new stuff from the boys! While it’s not as brilliant as Skin Deep was (in my super professional opinion), there’s still a ton to love about the progressive house (??) track Ingrid Is A Hybrid.

deamn#2. DEAMN – Good Love

This one’s been better with every listen I’ve given it. Really though, “oooh, I…. oooh, I…. oooh, I”. That’s what does it for me here. How can you not want to groove to it? “oooh, I… oooh, I… oooh, I”. At least I think it’s “oooh, I”. Who knows. It’s great.


#1. Fhin – Eh

Can’t really tell ya why I love this one so much. I started off by saying the tracks this week were all pretty tough to rank, but as I sit here writing out the blurb for Fhin’s Eh, it’s definitely a small step ahead of all the others for me. The top 3 songs all of that same brooding, progressive-house feel with looped vocals. I guess it’s a theme. This track though, there’s something there. Something real nice.