Songs of the Week 333: September 5 – September 11

#5. Pat Lok – Time After Time

A very Pat Lok sounding dance club tune. Always easy listening. Always positive feels.

#4. Tame Impala – Is It True (Final DJs Remix) //

Final DJs are on fire wit the remixes this year. Just a great sound.

#3. Craig Stamp – Make It Easier

Time travel back to the late 90s with Craig Stamp’s retro sounding Make It Easier.

#2. Merry Choppins Feat. Island Police – Cloudin

Can’t find any real details on Merry Choppins, so we’re stuck for now with just a Spotify page… which I highly recommend checking out if you’re into the quirky, somewhat eccentric Cloudin.

#1. Flowervillain – Blue Heart

Gambino’s early albums had some of the most clever lyrics in the game, and Heartbeat was near the top of those tracks. It’s brilliant… and Flowervillain’s mashup with Blue really let’s the lyrics shine. In fact, it almost makes them better, as the beat seems to usher the listening into really listening to each word and rhyme. So good.

Songs of the Week 251: January 19 – January 26

binki-heybb#5. Binki – Heybb!

Another funky & absurdly unique track from binki.

boy & bear-vesuvius#4. Boy & Bear – Vesuvius

Lovely track. Loses points purely because I have the attention span of a squirrel and 6:00 minutes is just too long for me. But on the plus side, there are gorgeous strings.

kryptogram#3. Tame Impala – It Might Be Time (kryptogram Remix) //

If this doesn’t get those dancing juices flowing, you are a lost cause. What a groovy take on one of the stand-out hits from Tame Impala’s recent album.

final djs#2. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Final DJs Remix) //

Talk about cool takes… Final DJs turns one of the sexiest tracks ever completely inside out and creates a disco jam. That build up is phenomenal, and the pulsing synths… nice times.

HATT#1. HATT – Do The Right Thing

With each listen I come to like this track more and more. There’s something about the echoed vocals and that layered chorus that is captivating. Kitsune really knows how to pick em.