Songs of the Week 142: December 3 – December 9

#5. Jata – Startime

Slightly psychedelic stuff from Jata. Enjoyed a lot of his material after coming across his Soundcloud last week, with Startime being my personal fave.

dizzy#4. Dizzy – Swim

Not sure if it’s a sign of the times or just coincidence… but was tough business finding Soundcloud links for a majority of this week’s tracks. Credit the vocals for really carrying this track.

foreign air#3. Foreign Air – Chakra Daemon

Been a while since I had checked in on the crew over at Foreign Air. Seems as if they’ve busy, and busy producing quality at that. Loving Chakra Daemon.

#2. Martin Garrix & David Guetta Feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya – So Far Away //

Probably a lot of people who feel this track was too formulaic… or too “easy”. I can hear it in the track. That said, I’m still totally digging it. The hook is just too good (and Romy Dya just kills it on her verse).

pete murray#1. Pete Murray – Sold

Pete Murray was one of my favorite musicians way back when (near the end of highschool in early 2000s). Him and Pete Yorn. They dominated my playlist. Decided to check in on Mr. Murray recently to see if he was still making music and was lucky enough timing was as he just released a new album Camacho. In general, as is typical for Pete Murray, it’s super easy listening. Sold though is legitimately awesome. Had it on repeat since.

Songs of the Week 80: September 25 – October 1

foreign-air#5. Foreign Air – Better For It

Catchy chorus wins the day on final release from Foreign Air’s For the Light EP. While this song is one where I find I’m just constantly waiting for the chorus, I am really digging the general sound of these guys.

oliver-nelson#4. Oliver Nelson Feat. Kaleem Taylor – Ain’t A Thing

Straight up grooves from Oliver Nelson complemented by some soulful lyrics from Kaleem Taylor take #4 this week. Really really loving the vocal play on this one.

usher#3. Usher – Downtime

Hopefully this doesn’t get taken down (as it’s not an official account). Usher is one of my major guilty pleasures. I find that with every release of his, there are one or two track sthat I really, really dig. Hard II Love was no different – both Need U and Downtime were standouts for me.

trails-and-ways#2. Trails and Ways – Get Loud

Another week, another Trails and Ways song that I have stuck on repeat. Really looking forward to their upcoming album, as it seems each song of theirs is filled with pure, danceable happiness.

skinny-dipp#1. Skinny Dipp Feat. SoundCasino – Keep Chasing Stars

Channeling their inner Empire of the Sun, newcomers Skinny Dipp deliver a glorious dance pop track to take top spot this week. One of those songs that is super easy to listen to and something that will please any type of music snob you may be trying to pick a tune for during a Friday night jam.