Songs of the Week 305: February 21 – February 27

#5. Ben Bohmer Feat. Panama – Weightless

Ben Böhmer | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Really strong lineup this week, which is good because it’s been crickets the last few days and for the first time in the 305 or so weeks I’ve been doing this blog, I’m actually concerned about having enough songs to make a post next week. Let’s hope for a big week! That aside, really strong prog trance (?) track here. Feels like it’s made for Tomorrowland or some kinda huge festival, when the sun is setting and everyone who’s been buzzed all day dancing and partying is settling in for a night of chill tunes.

#4. Gallant – Relapse.

Gallant | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The first listen didn’t take for me, but when this track popped back up on one of my discovery rotations, I changed my tune. It’s a legit banger from Gallant. Not sure why I ever doubted it in the first place.

#3. Johnny Ashby – Getting Started

Johnny Ashby | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Usually when I’m prepping for the write up, I have in mind most of the songs that’ll make the list that week. That said, I always go back through any discoveries from the past 10-14 days to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and this is one of those tracks I just didn’t even realize I had on my saved list. I heard it, I saved it, but frankly I just haven’t really given it the plays it deserves since. It’s a catchy, gruffy, indie rock track.

#2. LVNDVN – Rainy Days

LVNDVN | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Usually I’m not too into short tracks (under 2 min). But this one is way too steamy, way to sultry and I actually think is made better by being short and leaving you wanting just a bit more.

#1. Ivy Rose – I’ve Been Watching You

Ivy Woolley | Facebook

WHAT A GODDAMN TRACK. Holy hell. I am not one who often gets excited but this ranks on the all time top 10 of tracks I’ve come across from an artist I’d never heard of (which is fair here – this is her debut track). I just … everything. Everything is good. This reminds me so much of when I came across Aces and her track Find Me Out, and just how excited I was about a track from this new comer that oozed potential with a totally unique sound. It’s that. All over again. I’m so here for it.

Songs of the Week 253: February 2 – February 8

north downs-nightlife blues#5. North Downs – Nightlife Blues

Think I mentioned it last week but it bears another call out – the recent drop from North Downs was sneaky good.

fika#4. Fika – Slow Things Down

Early contender for the “indie-lovers wedding first dance track of the year” award.

gallant#3. Gallant – You Have Terrible Posture

Gallant oddly drops tracks at random between Spotify & Soundcloud, just to keep ya on your toes. Luckily, I follow him on both platforms, and have been digging the oddly-titled You Have Terrible Posture.

pat lagoon#2. Pat Lagoon – Smooth With It

These are some sweet, sweet beats produced by LHK. Pat Lagoon takes advantage, with a pretty smooth flow himself. The chillest of tracks.

dornik#1. Dornik Feat. Barney Artist – Retail Therapy

After a disgustingly long break (according to Soundcloud, it’s been 2 years since a track and 4 years since his killer album), we finally hear from Dornik again. It’s just as I remember… killer vocals and stuff that doesn’t quite get you dancing, but will definitely have you bopping along.