Songs of the Week 374: August 28 – September 3

#5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Never Seen You Dance

Cute, feel good track… made even better by a pretty adorable music video.

#4. Wet – The Letter Blue (Branchez Remix) //

Glitchy remix gives a fun twist to the original. Think the song really peaks in the last minute.

#3. Great Gable – Dancing Shoes

A retro/throwback chorus that is sure to be stuck in your head after the listen.

#2. Night Tapes – Humans

This track is just begging to be thrown into some indie movie about a walking through a busy, bustling food & shops district late at night, headphones on, getting lost in their own world while life flies by them. Make it happen.

#1. Emotional Organges – Bounce

Loving the juxtaposition between vibes of the chorus and vibes of the verses.

Songs of the Week 372: August 14 – August 20

#5. Roy Woods – Insecure

Still on the Roy Woods train, all these years later.

#4. Lou Val – Didn’t I

Lou Val being Lou val. Unique and experimental.

#3. Tessa Dixson – Bad Thoughts

Fantastic transition/chorus. Groovin use of layered vocals.

#2. Great Gable – Sidewalk

Some pop rock songs just have it. This is one of em. Catch AF.

#1. Neil Francis – Dancing (Psychic Mirrors Remix)

Can’t find any pages for Psychic Mirrors, but wow do they do a fantastic number on this Neil Francis tune. That drop is glorious. My friend described this as very “Japanese City Pop” and I totally hear it.