Songs of the Week 243: November 24 – November 30

yb#5. Yb. Feat S v W – Stay

This track’s got some subtle swagger. Diggin it.

ruby empress - faraday cage#4. Ruby Empress – Faraday Cage

Another stunner track from Ruby Empress off of Sinbolism. Love the strings.

gallant-sweet insomnia#3. Gallant Feat. 6lack – Sweet Insomnia

The final track I’ll be featuring from Gallant’s disgustingly good recent release. Think it really hits it’s stride in 6lack’s verse.

beck#2. Beck – Chemical

Wasn’t expecting a new Beck album. Can’t say I’m mad.

yb#1. Izniik – 4 Get About Me

Izniik is kinda the new Zhu. Super mysterious persona; makes very unusual, heavily robotic music; seems to release stuff only on Soundcloud >:|. Not much going here until that chorus pops off, and then BAM – straight up dance party.

Songs of the Week 183: September 30 – October 6

captain kidd#5. Captain Kidd – Wide Eyes

A fantastic chorus carries the latest from Captain Kidd. Half pop, half dance.

mielo#4. The Chainsmokers Feat. Emily Warren – Side Effects (Mielo Remix) //

It’s been a hot while since I really found a remix I enjoyed… which is odd because that’s all I used to listen to. That said, really digging the spin Mielo’s added to a Chainsmokers mega hit.

lana del rey#3. Lana Del Rey – Mariner Apartment Complex

Despite how popular she gets, I will always have a soft spot for Lana Del Rey. The image she’s created for herself, the sound, the style… I’m a total sucker for all of it. With news of a new album coming, she released two new tracks and they are both brilliant.

izniik#2. Izniik – Energy

I don’t know who this is, what it is, where it came from… but man it’s cool. The blending of genres, the unexpectedness of everything. This feels like when Zhu burst onto the scene all over again, as everything is shrouded in mystery and weirdness. Energy is a straight-up banger track though.

st lucia#1. St. Lucia – Gun

I can always sleep easy knowing that with any new St. Lucia release, there will be at least 2-3 tracks that completely win me over. The energy that he brings to each song is so transparent that you cannot help but get up and groove along. Not many artists convey their joy for music quite like St. Lucia’s Jean-Philip Grobler.