Songs of the Week 169: June 24 – June 30

jean tonique#5. Justin Faust & Violet Sands – What Do You Feel (Jean Tonique Remix) // //

Been a while since I’ve had a nu-disco type track make it’s way into my playlist. It was all I listened to 5-6 years ago, so the kick of nostalgia from Jean Tonique on this remix is more than welcome.

krrum#4. Krrum – Phase

Turn your speakers/headphones up to max for this bad boy, and get ready to feel your entire body shake. There’s something a bit uneasy/unsettling about this track… makes me really uncomfortable (and yet I cannot stop listening).

poloshirt#3. Poloshirt – Pinned Upon

Brilliant surf-pop/psych-pop debut from Poloshirt. Love the art style that they have going on as well.

pete yorn#2. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Iguana Bird

Love me some Pete Yorn, and have really enjoyed all the collab work he’s done with Scarlett Johansson. Pete Yorn, much like Boy & Bear, is one of those artists who I can just pick any album from and have it playing in the background… and yet still enjoy every minute of it.

lauv#1. Lauv – Comfortable

While I wasn’t totally into Lauv’s recent album, I have been slightly obsessed with Comfortable. Nice pop times for all.

Songs of the Week 69: July 10 – July 16

alain chamfort#5. Alain Chamfort – Trace De Toi

#1 – Yes, I realize that’s a wikipedia link up there. But that’s what happens when you feature someone who’s been releasing music since 1979 (or earlier) and doesn’t have a souncloud. #2 – this is an odd one, especially for this blog. But bear with me here. I came across this, which tickled my music bone and led me to looking up the original. After firing up the original, I was in love with those opening bars. So much so that I was angry it wans’t part of the actual song, but instead ANOTHER different song which lead me to Traces De Toi. Unfortunately, my favorite bit is only really the closing of Traces De Toi, but there’s something about this that just has me.

edx#4. EDX – Touch Her, Feel Her

Similar to the Alain Chamfort track (but in a very different genre), the opening of this song is killer and really wish it played a bigger part in the track. Instead, it’s a relatively calm dance track that never quite hits it’s peak in my opinion. Another song that is just begging to be remixed.

polographia#3. Polographia (Feat. Winston Surfshirt) – Sly

Can we talk for a second about how amazing the name Winston Surfshirt is? And then can we discuss how unfairly catchy the chorus of Sly is? It’s been over a week now and I still can’t get this out of my head.

kaptan#2. KAPTAN – Numbers

This is nice times. It has that recognizable feel of a song you have heard before that you love, but you can’t quite remember which one. I expect we’ll be hearing this all over the radio, in the Starbucks’ and at all those fancy clothing stores that the kids shop at soon. It has that feel of “big hit” written all over it.

jean tonique#1. Jean Tonique Feat. Dirty Radio – Lit Up

Already a big fan of Dirty Radio, but this here is just a whole new level of dance-party. Jean Tonique has me wanting to take over the playlist at the next house party I go to just so I can dance to this jam with all my friends. Another song where I find myself losing it to the wonders of a glorious chorus.