Songs of the Week 208: March 24 – March 30

madison paris#5. Madison Paris Feat. Bobii Lewis – Triple

With each passing year I can feel my age in the new sounds that are making waves in the music world. Songs that speak to the university age, like Madison Paris’ Triple. Even the idea of a triple makes me worried for how I’ll feel the next day. Ah, the wonders of aging. Oh yea, killer track tho.

flor#4. Flor – Slow Motion

Flor are another one of my favs that are incredibly consistent with quality releases. Going to keep my eyes peeled for the next time they’re in town, as I can imagine their shows are a blast.

two door cinema club#3. Two Door Cinema Club – Talk

TDCC are like the mature version of Flor. Been around longer, had some time to become a bit more established, but play the same sort of up tempo, fun, dance-party type rock. I’ve been lucky enough to catch TDCC once live and it still ranks amongst the best shows I’ve ever been to. Can’t wait for their new album (at least I assume they have a new album coming seeing as Talk is a fresh single).

logic#2. Logic – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Had my spin with Logic a couple years ago during his Young Sinatra days. Caught this out of nowhere and so glad I did. Such a smart, catchy and skilled hip hop track.

jungle#1. Jungle – Casio

I’m still on a high from the Jungle show I went to three or four weeks ago now. It was easily in the top 3 shows I’ve ever been to… and definitely has moments where I think it was the best. I was always a huge fan, but seeing them live had me “re-discovering” so many tracks that I then fell in love with all over again. Casio is one that I really should have featured already. With each month I feel like the Jungle crew are gaining steam and recognition. Wouldn’t be shocked to see them completely blow up in the next year. For Ever is a masterpiece of an album.

Songs of the Week 187: October 28 – November 3

allure#5. Allure – Lucky Day

Allure’s back with his signature sound and pulsing french dance vibes.

two another#4. Two Another – Coming Alive

Don’t know much about Two Another, except that they make some pretty chilled-out R&B/pop.

jungle#3. Jungle – Heavy, California

I’m not sure how I missed the release of Jungle’s new album. Might very well be my album of 2018. Every song is a winner, with Heavy, California being the big single pumped right now. The dancing in the video is an added bonus.

vice#2. Vice Feat. Jason Derulo & Ava Max – Make Up

Guilty pleasure alert. I don’t know how it’s possible to hate this. Frustratingly catchy.

jungle2#1. Jungle – Pray

Planning to buy tickets to Jungle’s trip to Vancouver in 2019, and Pray is the track I’m most excited for. Hasn’t quite got the fanfare that several other tracks off this album have received, but it’s got the kind of sound that is made for live shows.