Songs of the Week 192: December 2 – December 8

kaytranada#5. Kaytranada Feat. Shay Lia – Chances

The man with infinite beats released another couple tracks that are both filthy. Everything Kaytranada touches these days is brilliant.

sam fender#4. Sam Fender – That Sound

This guy gives me some major The Boxer Rebellion vibes (which reminds me… I should check up on what those boys are doing these days), which is the highest of compliments.

b00ty#3. B00ty – Good For It

I expect many more releases from these guys to grace the blog’s pages in the next year or two. Groovy, feel-good dance music is right up my alley.

lover#2. Lover – Best Side

Layered vocals is my new jam. Add some strings in and I’m completely hooked.

cold war kids#1. Cold War Kids – Goodnight Tennessee

I’m working through a major music-post backlog. I have enough tracks already queued up for the rest of the month. That said, I had to include Goodnight Tennessee in this week’s recap (despite only hearing it for the first time last week). It’s Cold War Kids at their finest. Despite being released way back in 2011, it got a re-release on the Kids’ album this past week and made me realize that I needed to go back and re-listen to their entire discography to make sure I haven’t missed out on any other great tracks.

Songs of the Week 26: September 6 – September 12

gryffin#5. Josef Salvat – Open Season (Gryffin Remix) //

I adore Josef Salvat, and it’s usually with some hesitation that I approach remixes of my favorite songs or artists. However Gryffin amps up the tropical vibe of Open Season in a way that really makes the original only recognizable through Salvat’s voice. Killer remix here.

belarbi#4. Jabberwocky – FOG (Belarbi Remix) //

Some songs just scream fun, and Belarbi’s remix of FOG by Jabberwocky (holder’s of the “Best Band Name I’ve Heard Today” award) could be the poster child for fun this week. The whole song bounces along with enough pace to get you moving on the dance floor.

toby jody#3. Joey Bada$$ & Tablo – Hood //

No soundclounds to be found anywhere!! No matter though, Facebook is there to save us. I’m really really digging the new collab between Joes Bada$$ and Tablo. Both kill their verses with somewhat different flows, yet manage to compliment each other real nicely. I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell for new hip hop in the past few months, but things seem to be looking up this week (FORSHADOWING??!?!).

max frost#2. Max Frost – Withdrawal

Pop music at its finest right here. That chorus is simply irresistible… one that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks after your first listen. I’m not even sorry.

mick jenkins#1. Mick Jenkins – Your Love

I LOVE it when hip hop artists work with some of my favorite electronic producers. Mick Jenkin’s newest track Your Love is a perfect example of that magic with Kaytranada on production. The flow on this is so smooth – especially that second verse. I find myself grooving with each listen. Reminds me a bit of when Flume joined forces to release a remixed version of his mixtape with features from a bunch of notable hip hop artists.