Songs of the Week 248: December 29 – January 4

russ#5. Russ – Nighttime (Interlude)

I used to be really into Russ. Not sure what happened, but Nighttime (Interlude) is a welcome re-introduction, with it’s beyond-chill vibe and classic Russ vocals.

kaytranada-needit#4. Kaytranada Feat. Masego – Need It

Another quality track off Bubba. Not quite as killer as What You Need, but catchy nonetheless.

k.roosevelt-slow#3. K.Roosevelt – Slow

This one’s chorus won me over. The entire thing is just made to sing-along with.

sylo nozra#2. Sylo Nozra – FOMO

There’s something about the lyrics and Sylo’s voice that makes FOMO is painfully adorable.

yes please#1. Yes Please – All The Time

We got an early (very early) contender for song of the year (2020)… and yes I realize it was released over three months ago. Truthfully, I also came across it in the last week of 2019. That said, my blog, my rules. I absolutely LOVE the lyrics, and have had it running through my head daily since I first heard it. Killer track.

Songs of the Week 247: December 22 – December 28

dua lipa#5. Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

The chorus is just too catchy to not feature.

k.roosevelt-bloom#4. K.Roosevelt – Bloom

Digging K.Roosevelt’s new album, with Bloom being one of the standout tracks imo.

ta-ku#3. Ta-Ku feat. Matt Mcwaters – White

Ta-Ku is one of those artists who I never fear about turning on, despite the crowd I’m with. Easy, non-offensive music that fits almost any occasion.

the weeknd#2. The Weeknd – Heartless

This track really didn’t do it for me on the first listen. However, I heard a cover (yes, already), and for some reason that seemed to change my mind about the original. All I want for 2020 is the return of the “House of Balloons” version of The Weeknd. Is that too much to ask?! Give me some grainy, dark R&B.

kaytranada-needit#1. Kaytranada feat. Chartlotte Day Wilson – What You Need

Boy this track is smoooooooth. Kaytranada is secretly so good. I mean I know he’s a big deal now, but I really think he should be a bigger deal. It’s criminal how underrated he is.