Songs of the Week 109: April 16 – April 22

classix#5. Night Drive – Rise And Fall (Classixx Remix) //

Start the week off with a nu-disco/prog-house remix from Classixx that’s just made for rocking out to in your car while cruising the streets.

Litany#4. Litany – Flaws

Admittedly haven’t really been following Litany since their outstanding single Woman. Turns out I haven’t missed much, as Flaws is really their first release since. Not quite as quirky was Woman was, but I’d say it’s just as catchy.

twodoorcinemaclub#3. Two Door Cinema Club – Lavender

While I’m a MAJOR TDCC fanboy, I wouldn’t say I was enamoured with their recent release Gameshow.  Lavender didn’t make a major impression on me when I gave the album it’s initial first few listens. However, the boys released a music video for said track recently that shows them playing it live, and well… it totally changed the song for me. Their live shows are a blast, and seeing them play the song and watching the crowd groove along almost gave Lavender a bit more bump.

OkayChé#2. OkayChe – Late Night

Last week I was lamenting how I’ve just not been hearing a lot of hip hop that I’ve liked. Well, this week the top two tracks are both hip hop (although – spoiler alert coming – having Kendrick release an album is kind of cheating). OkayChe is brand new find for me. Really digging the electro feel here.

kendrick lamar#1. Kendrick Lamar Feat. Rihanna – Loyalty

I find it odd that there’s obviously another artist on this track (specifically, the hook before the chorus), but they aren’t mentioned in the features (or more likely, I’m just not a smart human and it’s Kendrick distorted or something). Anyway, unpopular opinion time – wasn’t a huge fan of DAMN. Like To Pimp A Butterfly, I recognized it was a brilliant record… but I just didn’t want to play the songs. Same story here. Every song is crisp, usually with some serious depth and smart lyrics. That said, I don’t find myself wanting to play much off of this record when I have a chance to put some music on. Loyalty is easily my favorite track on the album, and I actually think Rihanna’s verse is what carries the day here (I do love me some Rihanna).

Best of the Rest #15 – I’m Covered By Artistic Freedom… Right?!

Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D.

I struggle with how far I’m allowed to go with hip hop. I’ve been to Childish Gambino live (twice). I’ve seen Kendrick Lamar live. I’ve seen the Weeknd live. Can I say ALL the words?! Am I covered by some sort of magical “artistic expression” clause or something? Regardless, I never do. I mumble. Oh trust me, I know all the words… but I mumble some specific parts. It’s probably for the best.

With the wealth of bubble gum pop and indie rock that’s been populating my blog for the last few weeks, I felt like some hip hop was needed to balance things out. Before Kendrick Lamar was winning grammy’s left and right he was releasing, well, non-grammy winning (but equally amazing) stuff. Among that stuff is my favourite Kendrick track, A.D.H.D. His delivery is so smooth… and yet the song has a real eerie, unsettling feeling to it. So good.