Songs of the Week 273: June 28 – July 4

#5. Regi Flih – Bad For Me

With a sound that’s very in vogue these days, Regi Flih looks to be someone to keep an eye on.

#4. Keffa – Try Harder

Another incredibly catchy, lyrically-clever track from Keffa with hooks that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

#3. Ross Quinn – Away With Me

There’s a lot of Dirty Vegas hitting me when I listen to Ross Quinn’s Away With Me.

#2. Abroad – Alright Ok

Takes a while to kinda “take off”, but an Abroad track through and through.

#1. Victoria Monet Feat. Khalid & S.G. Lewis – Experience

WOOOOOOWWW. What a track. Reminds me of Gavin Turek. Can’t say I knew the name Victoria Monet prior to this track, but I being a huge Khalid & S.G. Lewis fan I had a good hunch that it was gonna be something I was into. Right now the track of summer.

Songs of the Week 245: December 8 – December 14

olivia nelson#5. Olivia Nelson – Summertime

Only came across this track a couple weeks ago, so gonna have to bust it back out when it’s actually summertime. Catchy dance pop made for those summer drives.

noel#4. The Weekndy – Heartless (Noel Remix) //

Not really sure how this happened, but here we are featuring Noel’s remix of The Weeknd’s new smash hit before actually featuring the hit itself (it’ll happen). Really really digging this take, which keeps enough of the original but adds some changes to pacing.

the game#3. The Weeknd Feat. Bryson Tiller – Stay Down

Look at The Game & Bryson Tiller bringing back the sounds of early 90s RnB! So good.

raphy j x pryces#2. Khalid – Talk (Pryces & Raphy J Remix) // //

Think this would have been top spot of the week and maybe one of my fave tracks of the year, but the last minute & a half just doesn’t do it for me. Those first 3 minutes tho… nice times.

mebo#1. Mebo Feat. A.n.g.e.l.i & Paul Sayour – Drowning

Really think this dude has some big things coming for him. Kinda feels like the new Khalid, which is hilarious because Khalid is still so new himself.