Songs of the Week 291: November 1 – November 7

#5. Mouth Culture – Ihatesadsongs

Some emo-tinged rock starts this week, courtesy of Mouth Culture, who apparently hate sad songs.

#4. Kid Froopy – Middle Sea (Ambien Mix)

Despite dropping his album Silver Silver just six months ago (which was heavily featured in a few weeks of top fives here), Kid Froopy wasn’t done and released ANOTHER album just a week or two ago, of which gives us this gorgeous track.

#3. Du0 – Cinematic Love

Loves of familiar faces this week. Du0 we chatted on last week, but it was actually Cinematic Love that was my first taste of Du0.

#2. Tobi – Conquest

Might have said this in a previous post about Tobi, but he really feels like the type of artist who is about to explode and become huge. Such a cool sound.

#1. Baird – Bite

Super catchy stuff from Baird, dropping a track that feels so at home in a little hipster/indie coffee shop in some really cool, culture-heavy part of town that all your friends in-the-know always tell you about but you’ve yet to visit because it’s too far away for just a simple cup of coffee.

Songs of the Week 266: May 10 – May 16

kid froopy#5. Kid Froopy – The Santa Ana Public Parking Structure Closes at 12AM

This album is really cool. Kid Froopy is doing some dope stuff. I mean how does one even come up with an song title & concept like this? There’s probably an explanation already out there somewhere, but I’m not here to Google stuff for you.

ruben dawson#4. Ruben Dawson – SAYIMGOOD

If you need some energy in your life, Ruben Dawson is here to provide.

pete yorn#3. Pete Yorn – ECT

I went through a major Pete Yorn phase in the early 2000s. musicforthemorningafter was one of my favorite albums for a good long time. Glad to see he’s still making music true to his sound. Dude is really underrated

brandon#2. Brandon – Weep

Brandon’s gonna have some SEO & discovery troubles I believe. I appreciate the simplicity in the name, but man it was hard to find his Soundcloud page. Definitely one to keep an eye on though.

louie blue#1. Louie Blue – Hit It!

One of those tracks that I added to my playlist during the week and didn’t realize how good it was until I was going back thru my tracks for the blog this week. Some super smooth disco pop here.