Songs of the Week 223: July 7 – July 13

harry nathan#5. Harry Nathan – Rooftops

Really thought I’d featured Rooftops from Harry Nathan before. Apparently not. His off-beat summery pop track is good times.

DiRTY RADiO-Album-1.jpg#4. Dirty Radio – Midnight Stamina

Dirty Radio took a break from being featured in basically every release ever to drop a new album. Have a couple of tracks lined up to share from this bad boy.

mesita#3. Mesita – Untitled

Another solid release from my main man Mesita. Think the song really hits its stride 2:25 in.

lunacre#2. Lunacre – Love Being Lost

Soundcloud is my home for discovery of new music. It’s introduced me to so many bands, including the most recently discovered Vlush. I give Spotify’s discovery section a shot each week, and so far the algorithm just doesn’t seem to have me down quite like Soundcloud does. That set, mad props for pointing me in the direction of Lunacre’s Love Being Lost.

vlush#1. Vlush – Goner

THIS ALBUM IS SO STUPID GOOD. Ugh. What is this now, track 4 that’s been in either #1 or #2 spot for the last 4 weeks? Really hope this dude gets some recognition and makes it.

Songs of the Week 215: May 12 – May 18

0171#5. 0171 – SMTHN RL

While only two songs to their credit (according to Soundcloud anyway), they are two pretty damn interesting songs.

brasko#4. Brasko Feat. Saint Pressure – Lipstick Stains

It’s a bit of a weird week of shares this one. All tracks definitely don’t fit the “would be played at Starbucks” theme that seems to permeate a good 2-3 tracks I share each week. Lipstick Stains isn’t my typical jam, but goshdang it’s been stuck in my head since I first heard that chorus.

mesita#3. Mesita – Blackwhite

My man Mesita with another stellar release.

noah slee#2. Noah Slee – Stayed

I’ve been on a Noah Slee train ever since re-visiting DGAF a few weeks ago that I can’t seem to get off of.

casey lowry#1. Casey Lowry – Roam

A feel good track if I ever heard one that is full of uplifting and positive vibes.