Songs of the Week 154: March 11 – March 17

milky chance#5. Milky Chance – Cold Blue Rain

I may or may not having taken a 1 week hiatus last week. I’ve been travelling a lot over the past few weeks, and then last week I had started a new job. All of it combined to result in one tired human. The other part is that frankly, it’s been a slow few weeks for new finds. As such, a refresh was in order. On the plus side, there’s now a nice little cache of tracks to share over the next 2 weeks. This week we start with a leftover from the Milky Chance album I took a peep at a few weeks ago. Shared Firebird previously, and now I’ve really come to love Cold Blue Rain as well.

ralph#4. Ralph – September Fades

It really feels like Ralph is about to explode into the mainstream. That, or go full adult contemporary. September Fades is the latest in a long string of real strong pop releases.

bed scene#3. Bed Scene – Easy On The Eyes

Easy On The Eyes is one of those tracks that just completely calms me. Makes me feel like I’m sitting on a beach with a pina colada in one hand, just staring out into the blue ocean. Then the song stops and it’s just me in my underwear sitting on my couch. How unpleasant.

ldru#2. L D R U Feat. Rob Taylor – Take My

The dance magician is back at it. LDRU has been on a tear, each track managing to sound uniquely different but still with that kick that gets one off the couch and instead dancing around the kitchen in their underwear. Definitely near the top of my “want to see live” list. Truth be told though, those vocals by Rob Taylor really sell me on the track.

deutsch duke#1. Deutsch Duke – So Real

God damnit this song is cool. If you are like me and judge a track in the first 15 seconds, don’t for this guy. Give it a good 2 minutes, because the track really gets going about 1:30 in. Loving the beats and background yells (?) reverberating for the last minute. Gives it a great sense of urgency.

Songs of the Week 154: February 25 – March 3

madge#5. Madge – Fight Or Flight Club

Reminds me of a less intense, less “in your face” Crystal Castles.

odie#4. Odie – Trance Dance

Anytime I come across hip-hop that sounds different than the mainstream I get excited. I’m just so sick of everything burning up the airwaves these days – every new hip hop release sounds identical. That said, I’d say this is a stretch to classify Trance Dance as hip hop, but that’s the label Odie gave his track on soundcloud so I’m not gonna challenge it.

mliky chance#3. Milky Chance – Firebird

Catchy folk-rock from the boys.

tycho#2. Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment (Tycho Sunrise Remix) //

I’m a sucker for anything Portugal. The Man. Live In The Moment however, wasn’t one of my favorite tracks from their recent album. I am loving the spin Tycho put on it for his Sunrise version (in case you are so inclined, there’s another version dubbed the Sunset remix).


#1. Her – Neighborhood

Her are just so damn cool. Their songs are full of swagger, sound unique and totally singable I’m beyond excited for their upcoming debut album. For now, the teaser release of Neighborhood will have to suffice. It’s crazy good.