Songs of the Week 271: June 14 – June 20

boko#5. Boko – War

This track starts of real strong, and while it fades a bit towards the end it’s well worth a listen and a spot in the weekly 5. vibe#4. Mt. Joy – My Vibe

If you need your spirits lifted, press play in Mt. Joy’s newest album and let your troubles wash away.

zaia-very alone#3. Zaia – Very Alone

No, this isn’t Devin Hynes (of Blood Orange fame), but boy could Zaia do a solid cover of him. Doesn’t distract from the fact that this is a solid track.

innr state#2. Innr Circle – Damn

After featuring Waves last week, we’re back with my fave track from Innr Circle. Moody and wonderful.

buck slenderly#1. Buck Slenderly – Songs2getdrunkto (Freestyle)

I have a major soft spot for anything Buck makes. While pegged as a freestyle, this is a pretty hot 2 min track full of bedroom vibes.

Songs of the Week 96: January 15 – January 21

mt-joy#5. Mt. Joy – Astrovan

Last week’s somewhat unusual binge of folk rock continues this week with Mt. Joy’s Astrovan… a track I find myself loving the heck out of. Makes me want to go out to a campfire with some good company, good drinks and just belt out some tunes.

pageant-boys#4. Pageant Boys – Last Rites

Debut from newcomer Last Rites is some catchy pop rock with a lovely little chorus that just seems to have me coming back for more. Wasn’t enamored on first listen, but definitely have it on my regular rotation now.

sohn#3. SOHN – Dead Wrong

SOHN’s as brilliant live as he is in the studio, and his newest album is another great piece of music. The trademark, distortion-heavy sound is in full force, especially in my favorite track Dead Wrong.

glassio#2. Glassio – Search & Destroy

A late entrant to this week’s list (I only came across this track Friday night), Glassio’s Search & Destroy is easy to listen to and catchy enough to have you bouncing along with it. Feel like this one really comes into it’s own after the halfway point.

exit-someone#1. Exit Someone – Sydney, The List Goes On

Oddly enough, Sydney, The List Goes On, was the final track I cut from last week’s list. Ever since it’s grown on me to the point where it’s now my favorite track of the past week. Really loving the subtle guitar riffs in the background that play as a backdrop to the seemingly ad-libbed lyrics.