Songs of the Week 228: August 11 – August 17

aunty social#5. Aunty Social – Trying

I’m hereby dubbing this week the “week of weirdness”. 3 out of the 5 tracks I’d classify as different from your normal programming. 1 of those 3 is this track from Aunty Social, which even kicks in some sweet ass retro synths halfway through.

narou#4. Narou – Money

I’m in love with the beats and production on this track. I really really hope some underground hip hop artist grabs some samples from this, as the track is just made for sampling. Heck, for all I know this is already sampling from somewhere else I’m just music illiterate. That piano man… mmmm.

garcons#3. Garcons – Froggin

The second of the three “different” tracks… and while it may not sound too unique, you gotta go check the music video out. It’s rad. The boys over at Garcons are putting out some pretty cool music right now.

oliver tree#2. Oliver Tree Feat. Whethan – Do You Feel Me?

The king of weirdness this week. What even is this (besides awesome, amazing and frustratingly catchy)?! This needs a music video, because that haircut needs to be live-action in all it’s glory. But seriously, this song is so so so cool.

cards#1. Cards Feat. TxTHEWAY – Left Behind The Gold

This song felt like cheating. Catchy guitar hooks are an easy win. Honestly though, this one was taking top spot the moment I heard that bit from 0:20 – 0:30. Melts me everytime.

Songs of the Week 201: February 3 – February 9

garcons2#5. Garcons – Pink Dress

The music gods have bestowed upon us 5 weeks worth of tracks, meaning that I’ll be playing catch-up for a good while here. Garcons are one of the acts I’ve been intro’d to in the past month and make some pretty sweet rnb-inspired pop.

foals#4. Foals – Exits

Exits has the type of sound that will remain stuck in your head for weeks after listening.

broods#3. Broods – Dust

Part of the “blame” for my music backlog lands squarely on the shoulders of Broods. Don’t think I’ve been into an album this much since At The Drive In’s Relationship of Command (yeah… it’s been a while).

narou#2. Narou Feat. Hannah Jenkins – Prophecy

With each passing day I find myself loving Prophecy more and more. Something about the hazy vocals of Hannah Jenkins have me.

aldous harding#1. Aldous Harding – Blend

UGH. Blend is a track (from an artist I did not know at the time) that made its way into my ears last year sometime. However, it wasn’t on Soundcloud so I had only saved it in Spotify. Problem here is that I am only a very recent adopter of Spotify as my main source of music. I completely forgot about the track until it came up on my Spotify shuffle playlist a few weeks ago. I’m so thankful it did (my shuffle playlist is now around 1,200 tracks.. so the chances of it popping up randomly wasn’t too high). It’s brilliant. I really have a thing for artists who have the ear and ability to sing a-typical patterns and get themselves out of the standard schemes that 99% of songs use. Another early contender for (my) song of the year in 2019.