Songs of the Week 33: October 25 – October 31

du tonc#5. Du Tonc – We Can Hold On

Funky disco from Du Tonc this week with the release of We Can Hold On. Whole track has me thinking of outer space…I mean can’t you totally picture a scene in a movie where the crew rapidly descends towards some crazy alien planet with this playing in the background? Yes, yes you can.

j viewz#4. J.Viewz Feat. Milosh – Don’t Pull Away

4 some years ago (maybe more), a relatively unknown J.Viewz released Rivers and Homes. It was beautiful music in every sense of the word. To date, it contains some of my favourite songs (Come Back DownOh, Something’s Quiet and Salty Air). This week we got some new stuff, and well I usually don’t use the word “gorgeous” to describe music but it just fits too perfectly for this track. The vocals, the subtle strings… gorgeous. Also, according to J.Viewz’ DNA project website (which you should totally check out because it may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen), Gotye, one of my most favourites ever, helped form the beats for this track. So that’s pretty damn awesome.

kolomensky#3. Kolomensky Feat. Aria Lanelle – Golden

Bit of a 180 from that J.Viewz track, next we have the new release from Kolomensky (with vocals from Aria Lanelle). This falls in that same group of awesome, progressive-house type music that I love so much about artists like Dusky and Bob Moses. Aria’s soaring vocals in the chorus and that chopping synth is what makes the track for me. Officially on my next dance party playlist. Also really digging the “yes I said it” repetition.

ritual#2. R I T U A L Feat. Delilah – Too Deep

No words can do these guys justice anymore. R I T U A L are officially in a dead tie for my favourite band of 2015 (and possibly ever) with AQUILO. Honestly, these guys are brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

blood orange#1. Blood Orange – Sandra’s Smile

It was a really tough choice this week between Sandra’s Smile and the R I T U A L track Too Deep. Blood Orange cheated though with another video featuring the smooth dance moves of Dev Hynes. This song reminds me of something that Michael or Janet Jackson might have made back in the late 80s or 90s. Groovey RnB at it’s best.

Songs of the Week 15: June 21 – June 27

aeroplane#5. Banks – Beggin For Thread (Aeroplane Remix) //

I’ve already expressed my utter adoration for everything Banks. Enter Aeroplane, who serve up a smooth nu-disco rendition of Beggin For Thread which is just straight up groovy. Perfect for the five-spot this week.

fractures#4. //Fractures – Reactor

//Fractures, time and time again, manages to craft some of the most haunting music I know of. The sounds of desperation and angst in this song hit you, even without listening to the lyrics. If you are digging this sound, go check out everything else on the Soundcloud link above – you won’t be disappointed.

achal#3. A.CHAL – Round Whippin

Chill summer cruising tunes – you can never have too many on hand. A.CHAL’s Round Whippin is perfect for those fortunate enough to be able to take a drive beachside with the windows rolled down and the breeze flying through their hair. This one actually inspires me to do nothing but be lazy… and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

thepaperkites#2. The Paper Kites – Electric Indigo

Actually hadn’t heard of The Paper Kites until I stumbled upon Electric Indigo, which will be from a to-be-released album this summer (twelvefour, out Aug 28). If Electric Indigo is anything to go by, it will be one hell of an album. Poppy, but not annoying. Sad, but not sappy. Really really liking this and can’t wait for the official release.

dusky#1. Dusky – Skin Deep

This week has been one of the toughest weeks to choose from in a while. So much was so good, and all for very different reasons. I loved the depressing and haunting sounds from //Fractures. Totally was into the pop single from The Paper Kites. I’ve already taken A.CHAL and Round Whippin for a test ride by the beach. However, the one song I kept coming back to was Skin Deep by Dusky. It’s got that obsessiveness to it whereby it’s one of the first songs I’ll play when I sit down at my computer. It’s got that magic little part that get’s me excited every time it plays (for this one, it’s that little “whoaaaooh” after “you make me wanna turn around”). If at first you don’t fall in love, give it another try. I promise it’s worth it.