Songs of the Week 118: June 18 – June 24

geovarn#5. Geovarn – What You Like

New Geovarn is usually a good time, and What You Like is another in a long line of catchy hip hop/rnb hybrid tracks in his repertoire.

mosss#4. Mosss – Here If You Want (Pale Blue)

Laid back stoner rock. At least, that’s what I’d call this if I was in charge of creating music genres. Perfect track for chilling out at the beach. Those couple guitar chords will be stuck in your head for days.

pairs lain#3. Paris Lain – For You

The one thing that this blog does for me is force me to give tracks 5th, 6th, and 7th listens when I normally maybe wouldn’t. Often I find that I really come around to tracks after a week or two. I’m still warming up to this one, but there’s something there. A sexy pull, if you will.

nvdes#2. Nvdes – Turning Heads

Nvdes sure know how to make hyperactive pop rock music. Every song it’s frenetic and yet somehow still completely danceable. Those melon boys have created quite a unique sound and manage to churn out hit after hit. Good times.

fairchild#1. Fairchild – So Long And Thank You

Speaking of churning out hit after hit… Fairchild have completely won me over. Perhaps even my favorite band of 2017 (I’ve probably given that award out multiple times now this year, but I live in a world of short term memory bliss). These guys have what I like to call the Ritual factor – that is, they manage to maintain a consistent, identifiable sound but yet all their tracks are wonderfully different. Really hoping they take a trip to Vancouver, Canada sometime soon.

Songs of the Week 58: April 24 – April 30

the game#5. The Game Feat. Lorine Chia – Rest in Purple

After the sad news of Prince’s passing, the flurry of covers and tributes from artists around the world flooded in. Among them was The Game’s Rest in Purple, which outside of being a touching tribute is a straight up killer track

nvdes#4. Nvdes – The Other Side

After what I would consider a slow start to April where I had to make some “reaches” for slots on my weekly post, we’ve officially hit a backlog over the past couple weeks as the closing of April has brought a whole truckload of killer songs. The crew with a fondness for melon (cantaloupe?) bring us their newest with The Other Side, an edgy dance rock track that is perfect for that inaugural pool party of the year (unless you are in a climate where it’s summer-weather year round… and in that case screw you).

cozy#3. COZY – Right Here

This week is a real mashup of genres. Got some hip hop, some indie dance rock, and now some RnB-esque stuff that is almost fused with a bit of tropical dance. Whoever thought to throw in those tropical beats as a hook (chorus?) is a genius (and kinda crazy). Didn’t know much about COZY before this track, but they’re officially on my radar now.

kai straw#2. Kai Straw – Don’t Tread On Me

When this song popped up on my feed, I actually thought it was Hilltop Hoods at first. Well it’s not, it’s part of Kai Straw’s latest release and it’s a bumper. Actually reminds me, now that I think about it, as a combination of Hilltop Hoods and Spoon. One of those tracks that doesn’t just stick to a formula throughout the whole track, but continuously throws new things at you.

ldru#1. L D R U Feat. Savoi – Next To You

Probably only fitting that, after a week full of different genres, we end with what I consider if not my favorite genre, my second favorite… electro-dance. I can just imagine how much fun this one would be to see live and bust-a-move to… the anthemic chorus, catchy vocals and full-bodied sound is perfect to kick off the beginning of summer!