Songs of the Week 106: March 26 – April 1

mansionz#5. Manionz – Dennis Rodman

This is one weird song. You cannot deny, though, that it’s got some catchy swagger. Plus, I have a softspot for anything with Blackbear (Mansionz = Mike Posner + Blackbear).

safetalk#4. Safetalk – Universal

Debut track from Safetalk shows some promise. It does feel like it could use a little “oomph”, but nothing wrong with playing it safe.

leo islo#3. Leo Islo Feat. Dani Poppitt – Lush Life

Getting some poolside tropical vibes from Leo Islo’s newest, Lush Life. Accompanying these summertime feels are some great vocals from both Leo Islo and Dani Poppitt.

prep#2. Shy Girls – Trivial Motion (PREP Remix) //

I’ve been a fan of almost everything Shy Girls has released. I really dig his sultry baby making music. Trivial Motion, however, was never a song I really seemed to dig. Then along comes PREP, who add some groovy beats to turn this one into a disco-esque dance track.

miami horror#1. Miami Horror Feat. Danny Pratt – Dark Love

Best Miami Horror track to date, and it’s not even close. At least, to me. The band known for making fun dance pop music released a new album a couple weeks ago, which gave us the brilliant Dark Love. Been a huge Miami Horror fan since I first saw them open up for Cut Copy (at least I think it was Cut Copy… maybe it was Miike Snow… whatever), and I’m glad to see them only getting better with age.

Songs of the Week 37: November 22 – November 28

kilian and jo#5. Kilian & Jo Feat. Conrad Sewell – Little Love

Owners of the coolest header image I think I’ve used for any blog post, Kilian & Jo’s debut single is a uplifting indie pop song with some catchy warped vocals that will remain stuck with you well after you first listen.

prep#4. Snakeships Feat. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper – All My Friends (PREP Remix) //

Seems to be me that Snakeships is remixed more than most artists. This one, by PREP, takes an already summer-ready track and adds some more summer. I’m not the biggest fan of Chance, but Tinashe sounds fantastic as usual.

louis mattrs#3. Louis Mattrs Feat. LK Faith – Messed Up

Wouldn’t be a weekly top 5 list without a good ol’ bedroom jam. Loving LK Faith’s sultry vocals and the line “So I… stay up late” is perpetually stuck in my head.

sunbathers#2. Sunbathers – Intimacy

Totally cheating this week. I actually considered this song for last week’s list, but decided it just couldn’t make the cut and beat out anyone else. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with Intimacy and the nostalgic feeling it gives me of 1990s angsty teen rock. Sometimes songs just need a little marinating.

hoodie allen#1. Hoodie Allen Feat. Blackbear and KYLE – Champagne and Pools

As with every Hoodie Allen song I have posted, I feel dirty. They all feel like guilty pleasure songs. I cannot, however, pretend that this chorus hasn’t been stuck in my head all week. Or that I haven’t been walking to work singing this for the entire way (it’s only a 5 minute walk). I am a huge fan of KYLE, and while I don’t know much about Blackbear I believe this is the second or third time he’s been featured in a song in one of my top 5 lists.