Songs of the Week 75: August 21 – August 27


hudson scott#5. Hudson Scott – Get Down

It’s been an unreal week for music discovery. I literally have the next 3 weeks all set up for track to share (and as such, it might take a while to work through the ensuing backlog that could accumulate). And it’s not like I’m stretching for quality or anything… in fact quite the opposite. There are so many good tracks that won’t get #1, #2 or #3 of the week that it kind of bums me out. ANYHOW, starting this week of is Hudson Scott who, for the first four or five plays, had me CONVINCED he was the lead singer of Tesla Boy (he’s not, but he damn well could be).

ben macklin and nude disco#4. Ben Macklin & Nude Disco – Understand //

GOD I LOVE BEN MACKLIN. There may not be anyone better right now at producing chilled prog-house music. Everything he makes is amazing. If you need a playlist for the beach, just fire up his soundcloud and you are set. Can’t say I know much about Nude Disco, but this collab here has produced a glorious 4.75 minutes of groove.

running touch#3. Running Touch – This Is Just To Say

This came out of no where. I think, through the magic of forgetting to stop soundcloud after your playlist was over, Soundcloud jumped to a random song that I might like based on my listening habits… and this was it. I can’t quite put my finger on what this is. Jazz? Pop? Soul? It’s a real cool blend of a lot of genres that creates a song that basically will do what it wants and be much too cool for you.

the naked and famous#2. The Naked & Famous – Laid Low

I’m sitting here with one browser window open to the “purchase” screen of tickets for the upcoming T/N/A/F show in Vancouver. On one hand, it’s goddamn The Naked & Famous. On the other hand, I’m poor and already have 4 shows and a wedding to go to in October. Is it really a wise decision? Yes, yes it is… because by then their new album will be out and, even if in some unnatural way it’s poop, I’ll still get to rock out to Laid Low for close to 4 minutes. This is so so good.

lincoln jesser#1. Lincoln Jesser – Lost With You

I distinctly remember hearing Lost With You for the first time, and during the opening minute to minute and a half just PRAYING that there’d be vocals (I’m not a fan of instrumentals). Everything about the beat and production on this one had the makings of an easy #1 of the week kind of song, and I would have been so bummed had there been no vocals. Alas, the worry was unecessary. We get some perfect lyrics laid down by Lincoln himself that makes this the perfect song to wind down summer on.

Songs of the Week 57: April 17 – April 23

terror jr

#5. Terror Jr – 3 Strikes

An impressive debut from Terror Jr will stay in your head long after your first listen. That’s not always a good thing, but when the track is anything like 3 Strikes then there are no worries to be had.

fairchild#4. Fairchild – Neighbourhoods

It’s been really tough this week to rank the top 5. Nothing stood head and shoulders above everything else (as a song or two usually does). Fairchild’s entry is a catchy indie-rock jam carried by foot-tapping rhythm and a sweet chorus. It could just as easily be #1 this week as it is here at #4.

dusky#3. Dusky – Ingrid Is A Hybrid

If you’ve been here before, you may be aware that Dusky’s Skin Deep is easily one of my favorite songs ever. It was #1 on my running top-10 list for months. Welp, we got some new stuff from the boys! While it’s not as brilliant as Skin Deep was (in my super professional opinion), there’s still a ton to love about the progressive house (??) track Ingrid Is A Hybrid.

deamn#2. DEAMN – Good Love

This one’s been better with every listen I’ve given it. Really though, “oooh, I…. oooh, I…. oooh, I”. That’s what does it for me here. How can you not want to groove to it? “oooh, I… oooh, I… oooh, I”. At least I think it’s “oooh, I”. Who knows. It’s great.


#1. Fhin – Eh

Can’t really tell ya why I love this one so much. I started off by saying the tracks this week were all pretty tough to rank, but as I sit here writing out the blurb for Fhin’s Eh, it’s definitely a small step ahead of all the others for me. The top 3 songs all of that same brooding, progressive-house feel with looped vocals. I guess it’s a theme. This track though, there’s something there. Something real nice.