Songs of the Week 129: September 3- September 9

oliver#5. Oliver feat. MNDR – Falling Back

This song is pretty goddamn persuasive if you ask me (ya that may or may not be a reference to my favourite part of the entire track). If you need your 80s disco fix for the week, Oliver has gotcha covered.

culpriit#4. Culpriit – Driveway

These guys sure know how to write some catchy lyrics. Reminds me a lot of the teen angst songs I grew up listening to in high school. I assume this is the equivalent for today’s generation (but hey, I’m still allowed to like it).

timeflies#3. Timeflies – Nobody Has To Know

I’ve always been intrigued by Timeflies. Used to love giving their “Timeflies Tuesday” cover/remix series a listen every week. Then one day, they went full mainstream pop and while it’s great for them and their success, I felt kinda like they dumbed down their sound to appeal to the general masses. That said, Nobody Has To Know has become a major guilty pleasure for me. Just makes me feel all nice inside.

riley pearce#2. Riley Pearce – Misplaced

Not really sure what to say about this one. One of those tracks to play late at night with your headphones and and just kinda get lost in the sounds and lyrics. Very reminiscent of James Vincent McMorrow.

tove lo#1. Tove Lo – Disco Tits

Pretty sure this will be my track of the year. It’s simply brilliant. It’s weird, catchy, danceable and a pop masterpiece all at the same time. Oh ya, and it’s called Disco Tits. I mean c’mon!! Tove Lo is so cool. Pumped for her album release in late October.

Songs of the Week 23: August 15 – August 22

deaths#5. DEATHS – Voices

Starting this week off and sitting perfectly in the category of “I have no idea where this song is going but I love it”, DEATHS’ Voices is part haunting and part charming.

Mendoza#4. MENDOZA – Love Druggie (Addict)

MENDOZA wins two awards this week from the Because It’s Sunday vault: winner of the “where the hell is their Soundcloud page” award and winner of the “WTF is this video” award. Both very prestigious and seldom won honours. But I mean really, what is going on here. This is probably the only video to both creep me out, yet force me to dance… creating what I like to call the “ugh shuffle”. Just can’t deny how infectious and catchy that beat is.

cash+david#3. Cash + David (Feat. Rome Fortune) – Pains 4 U

I HEAR WOBBLES. God I loved warped vocals. It’s my musical achilles’ heel. Cash+David have themselves a real smooth song with a top notch chorus. I’m still warming up to Rome Fortunate’s interlude… I don’t hate it but it really kinda sticks out to the point that it always surprises me when it begins.

Riley Pearce#2. Riley Pearce – Brave

It’s at the point now where there’s a token “pain song” every week. Something that is laced with hurt, fear or some sort of negative emotion. Riley Pearce’s Brave is just that tune this time around. Despite not sounding at all like R I T U A L (a Because It’s Sunday favourite), I get a bit of that vibe. I never really listen (or attempt to interpret) vocals on tracks, so it’s really impressive when I can deduce the meaning of the song like this just from the sound and the few words I do pick up.

FTSE#1. FTSE (Feat. Saint Saviour) – Tidal Wave

Subtle grooving is severely underrated. The kind of dancing that isn’t full blown mayhem, but instead a little rhytmic bounce with perhaps some sly smiles. Tidal Wave by FTSE and Saint Saviour would be one of my title tracks for a subtle grooving dance party. It builds and builds until Saint Saviour’s verse, when I just can’t help myself but start shufflin. I actually came across FTSE after his recent release of This Is Life, but it was Tidal Wave that jazzed my mittens after scouring every single one of FTSE’s soundcloud tracks.