Songs of the Week 171: July 8 – July 14

extremely bad man#5. Extremely Bad Man Feat. Alexis Moraites – Stay (Part 2)

The perfect song for that lazy Sunday idling in the park or on the couch for hours on end.

roosevelt#4. Roosevelt – Under the Sun

There’s something about all of Roosevelt’s tracks that manage to keep me interested, but don’t really get me totally hooked. I’m kinda on the precipice of being absolutely in love with every single Roosevelt track, but it just never goes over the edge.

chromeo#3. Chrome Feat. Amber Mark – Just Friends

I’ve probably said this before (as I know I’ve featured Chromeo previously), but I’m not really a huge Chrome fan. Yet, I believe this is the 2nd Chrome track in under a month. Go figure. Really digging Amber Mark’s lines. Super sassy. I also really dig it when artists have “conversations” in songs. The back and forth between Chrome & Amber Mark is great.

panic at the disco#2. Panic! At The Disco – The Overpass

Definitely didn’t see myself getting back into Panic! At the Disco, but yet here we are. Though I didn’t really enjoy the entire album, it did serve as a great nostalgic blast from the past and send me back to my teenage angst years. I did gravitate towards The Overpass – just can’t get enough of the catchy verses and background off-vocals. Not sure what the hell happens though 2:00 minutes in. Just get’s weird.

fullee love#1. Fullee Love – Deney Terrio

More artists need to do the pseudo-live sounds like Fullee Love does here at the start of Deney Terrio. Just sounds so damn cool and makes me feel like I’m at a live show. It’s not overpowering or anything – instead it compliments the full, groovy sounds.

Songs of the Week 70: July 24 – July 30

feki#5. Feki Feat. Dom Vino – You Got Me

The song made for that scene in the next big “coming of age” movie where the young man takes those daring steps across the schoolyard to go ask out his high-school crush.

warm brew#4. Warm Brew – Mission

This one would be a no questions asked #1 for this week (and probably a top 10 favorite if I ever got around to updating that goddamn page) had they used that RIDICULOUSLY smooth hook before the chorus in that first verse as the chorus instead. It’s far and away the highlight of this track for me, and completely overshadows everything else. (Because I know absolutely nothing about music theory and probably called it the hook when it’s not even the hook, the part I’m referencing starts at 1:20 and goes to 1:47).

poolside#3. Poolside – And the Sea

I can’t quite figure out what this song is for. There’s definitely some specific moment that works here. I mean, I want to say sitting by the pool, but I feel like I’m being subconsciously influenced there by the band name. Strolling down beachfront boulevards? I dunno…Whatever that moment is, they’ve captured it perfectly.

roosevelt#2. Roosevelt – Fever

Super jazzed for Roosevelt’s debut album (coming out mid-August). For now we’re teased with Fever and all of it’s “long, lazy summer nights out frolicking” goodness.

leo stannardLeo Stannard – In My Blood

If I was into men, I’d have a major crush on Leo Stannard … and to be honest, even tho I’m not into men I still can’t help but swoon every time a new track comes out and manages to have me swaying along to the plaints of love lost or love gained (one day I’ll actually pay closer attention to lyrics, but for now I just make educated guesses based on the flow and feel of the track). I have a major thing for tracks that breakdown and build back up, powered by some strong vocals and the gradual re-introduction of instruments (yea I know… it’s a bit of a niche thing…). In My Blood has it, and has it in the best way possible.