Songs of the Week 263: April 19 – April 25

chris James#5. Chris James – Melancholy

Catchy pop jams from Chris James start us off this week…

aaron marco#4. Aaron Marco – Fade Away

Followed by some catchy pop jams from Aaron Marco.

dvsn#3. Dvsn – For Us

Known for their bedroom tunes, dvsn delivers on their latest album drop.

teflonsega#2. Teflon Sega – Highway Man

While there are times where l find myself tiring of Teflon’s sound, the dude puts out so much music that there is still quality to be had. Really enjoying Highway Man.

imanbek#1. SAINt JHN – Roses Imanbek Remix)

I’m quite late on this one and frankly I’m not too sure how I missed this. While the original is a banger in it’s own right, Imanbek puts this up to a whole new level. The way the beats pound in after the faux drop is both genius and entrancing.

Songs of the Week 213: April 28 – May 4

blackbear#5. Blackbear – Pink Rolex

Blackbear’s a divisive character amongst the RnB and hip-hop crowd. Seems you either hate him or love him. I’m firmly a fence sitter in the battle, but I did enjoy Pink Rolex from his recent album drop.

noah slee#4. Noah Slee Feat. Shiloh Dynasty – DGAF

Yep. The wtr track last week had me re-visiting DGAF and made me realize I never did give the tack a proper shot. Been addicted ever since. I’m now down a Noah Slee wormhole and all the glory that exists in his musical catalogue.

teflon sega#3. Teflon Sega Feat. Ozzie – Damage

It’s legitimately a challenge to keep up with how much music Teflon Sega releases. While I’m finding a lot of his tracks are starting to sound the same, Damage has got some uniqueness to it. Just wish the dude would start uploading his tracks to Spotify again!!

johnny utah#2. Johnny Utah – Honeypie

Right from the opening few seconds you know that guitar lick will be stuck in your head for days. On repeat for daysssssss.

big data#1. Big Data – Put Me To Work

The crew at Big Data have been on a roll lately. Hit after hit after hit. This one really shines in the chorus.