Songs of the Week 357: February 20 – February 26

#5. Tender & Demo Club – I Would Do Bad Things For You

Tender have one of those instantly-recognizable voices/sounds. Loving this Demo Club collab.

#4. Spoon – Astral Jacket

Another quality track from the newest Spoon drop.

#3. Re.decay – Radio

The next two tracks are interchangeable IMO. Both bring to the table some solid, refreshingly different sounds to a standard hip hop track.

#2. Jordan Stephens – Can’t Close My Heart

Those flow of those verses are painfully catchy.

#1. Bugs – In The Middle (Of It)

This song has grown on my so hard. Brings me back to my high school days, as it has just enough of that sound to it that you could tell me it was from the Jimmy Eat World times and I’d believe you. Low key outside chance at cracking my top 10 tracks of the year list.

Songs of the Week 261: April 5 – April 11

later#5. Later. – Highway 10

Another lyrically catchy vibe from Later.

childish gambino#4. Childish Gambino – Time

Much like Gambino’s previous relesae, I didn’t like this album nearly as much as I wanted to. Also similar is that there still was at least one track that I found crazy good. Oddly enough, I think the best part of this track are Ariana Grande’s lines.

shallou#3. Shallou Feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Silhouettes

Shallou’s really nailed down the “magical world” soundscape thing. All of his tracks transport you to this different land that feels all mystical and fairy-tale like.

tender#2. Tender – Living

Tender continue to shoot up my list of favorite bands in the past few years. They are consistent, both in how often they release and the quality of all their tracks.

syrup#1. Syrup – Something To Wear

I haven’t been able to stop blasting this track since I stumbled upon it after hearing Syrup’s Line. I was hooked from there very opening line, which is always a good sign.