Songs of the Week 177: August 19 – August 25

no kind of rider#5. No Kind of Rider – Autumn

Dark and grimy single from No Kind of Rider. Think it starts stronger than it ends, but it’s captivating nonetheless.

broods#4. Broods – Peach

Been quite some time since I can recall hearing a track from Broods. Loving the fun, upbeat nature of Peach.

the1975#3. The 1975 – Tootimetootimetootime

Lots of 1975 here the last few weeks as the lads gear up for their new album by dropping singles. So far I’m very into everything I’ve heard.

wafia#2. Wafia – I’m Good

Mostly have come across Wafia as the lady behind catchy vocals on tracks by the likes of Thomston & Ta-Ku. This time we’re treated to a single that’s all hers and, as you’d expect, it’ll be stuck in your head for days.

machineheart#1. Machineheart – Do You Love

Obsessed with that guitar riff. Reminds me a lot of everything I love about The Boxer Rebellion, with the strong vocals, piercing instruments yet a feeling of silence.

Songs of the Week 174: July 29 – August 4

the 1975#5. The 1975 – Love It If We Made It

I adore The 1975. It’s a weird adoration though. I’m not in love with this track, or many of their tracks to be honest. But there’s something about their sound and style that draws me in and makes me love the idea of them moreso than any one track or album.

coco solid#4. Coco Solid – High

A tale of two songs in this track. Not a huge fan of the verses, but the chorus is so very well done.

fare#3. Fare – Had Enough

Easy listening pop and a pretty well-built debut track from newcomers Fare.

the brummies#2. The Brummies – Drive Away

Speaking of easy listening pop music… Drive Away from The Brummies sounds like a male band version of Lana Del Rey (arguably one of the bigger pop acts in the last five years). Such a nice track

max rad#1. Max Rad – Carousel

Was tough choosing a #1 this week. All of the top 3 could have been it. Ended up going with another debut track, this time from Max Rad. Start slow, but really comes together nicely in the middle and ends up being catchy, head-bobbing pop.