Songs of the Week 276: July 19 – July 25

#5. Postcard Boy – Flight

Sometimes you hear an artist for the first time and wonder how they aren’t bigger than they are. Postcard Boy’s track Flight does that for me. It’s full of promise and while he has quite a large discography, this track is the one that feels like it hints to so much potential, which hopefully is realized.

#4. Jonah Mutono – Circulation

Remember AWOLNATION’s Sail? Remember how powerful that chorus was. Circulation gives me the same vibes. Not as hard hitting, but just as momentous and impactful. I live for the chorus of this track. So good.

#3. Why Mona – Rabbit Hole

Known mostly for her covers, Why Mona and her unreal voice drop a stunner here. That “I like you just fine” has been stuck in my head for weeks (yea, working through a backlog again).

#2. They. Feat. Tinashe – Play Fight

Do you like early 90s R&B? Then buckle up… (also Tinashe is a goddess).

#1. No Suits – 3 Wishes

I really didn’t expect this when starting out writing this week, but here we are. The boys at No Suits just make music so fun. It’s half-hearted, easy listening that has you subtlety nodding along with a “ya.. this is nice times” kinda feel.

Songs of the Week 49: February 21 – February 27

masis#5. mAsis – Good Life

Some real chilled out electro starts this week off (and this just so happens to be the last of my backlog that I came across a few weeks ago but just haven’t gotten around to sharing). Another track to dump into the playlist “songs that make me anxious”.

illenium#4. Illenium Feat. Quin XCII – With You

More chill, and more goodness. Quinn XCII lays down some lovely vocals over a real soothing beat from Illenium. If the last track by mAsis got me on edge and uneasy, this one has may lazing as much as humanly possible.

pretty sister#3. Pretty Sister – Drive

Aight, that’s enough chill music for one week. Let’s up the tempo a bit. This one starts off a bit slow, but very quickly you’ll be feeling the summer vibes of Drive. We’re not yet there (summer – in real life), but give it a few months and this’ll be a great track to blast while screaming down the road to the nearest beach.

jarreau vandal#2. Snakehips Feat. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper – All My Friends (Jarreau Vandal Remix) //

Embarrassing admission of the day: I’ve had a remix by Snakehips on my playlist for a few years now (since 2013 to be exact, a remix of Bondax’s Gold). And yet, it wasn’t until All My Friends absolutely blew up did I realize that the band was SnakeHIPS, not SnakeSHIPS. Eyes be playing tricks on me all these years. Love what Jarreau Vandal does with this track to bring out the disgustingly catchy Tinashe vocals.

st lucia#1. St. Lucia – Love Somebody

St. Lucia is about to take over. I swear to god each one of this tracks on his latest album are just made for festivals and live performances. This track is my favourite from the new album. Every time I listen I’m incredibly jealous – I want so badly to be a musician with a great voice. It just seems like so much fun. This track (and you’ll really see it if you watch live videos) looks like one of his (St. Lucia’s) favourites… just in the way he sings and seems totally absorbed in the moment.. Also HARMONIES. YEA damn straight we got some layered vocals and it’s glorious.