Songs of the Week 369: July 24 – July 30

#5. Gigi – The Man

A gentle, sweeping track with a voice that I was certainly not expecting when I hit play.

#4. Jesse Mac Cormack – Ever Go On

Four STUNNER tracks to finish us off this week, starting off with the last of my picks from Jesse Mac Cormack’s brilliant discography.

#3. Sabrina Song – Doors

Completely obsessed with the first minute and a half of this track.

#2. Tory Lanez – City Boy Summer

More from my main guilty pleasure. That flow tho. So sick.

#1. Eden – Modern Warfare

Bit of a 180 from the previous track, we have a gem from Eden. Dude is so creative, and has such a unique sound (even if I can totally understand how it’s not for everyone).

Songs of the Week 365: June 12 – June 18

#5. Hatchie – The Rhythm

I get some real strong early 2000s vibes from this track.

#4. Jasmoon – Liquid Fig

Another prime “stuck in my head but can’t remember who the artist is or the song name” kinda songs. Been coming back to it over and over for the last few weeks.

#3. Tory Lanez – I Like

Another by my main guilty pleasure. There’s just something about a Tory Lanez song that I can’t resist. Help.

#2. Driftwood Feat. LVNDVN – 3am

Came here for the LVNDVN feature. Stayed for the groovy R&B sounds.

#1. Oly Sherman – In The Summer

This dude needs to open for Boy & Bear. Just a perfect compliment in sound and feels. Lovely track.