Songs of the Week 180: September 9 – September 15

foxtrott#5. Foxtrott – Deliver

I’m obsessed with the rhytmic hi-hat (my tin ear guess anyway) that paces the entire track through it’s kinda weirdly awkward and enchanting vocals and a pace that feels mysterious.

evalyn#4. Evalyn – Big Bad City

Back to back stellar singles from Evalyn this month. Hook and chorus definitely carry this bad boy.

troye sivan#3. Troye Sivan – My My My

Troye Sivan is very quickly becoming one of my favorite pop acts. He’s got that “it” factor… and the tracks don’t feel over-produced or too made for radio. Only downside is that with his album only just recently released, we’ll now have to wait so long for another album.

majid jordan#2. Majid Jordan – All Over You

A double release from Majid Jordan last week, with All Over You being my favorite of the two tracks. Got some swagger in it, yet still very danceable.

opia#1. Opia – Beverly Blues

The boys have got me again. Opia just crushes it with every release and always has me bobbing along with whatever weirdness they decide to make.

Songs of the Week 164: May 20 – May 26

arty#5. Arty – Rain

Arty’s always been one of those acts I really wish I’ve seen. Rain isn’t anywhere near the top of my favorites list from him, but it’s an easy-listening anthem track regardless with a nice progression.

joshua worden#4. Joshua Worden – Tennessee

This one is made for headphones. Probably mentioned it before, but one of my dream jobs is to be the person responsible for picking music in a movie. This track sounds perfect for some kind of reflective drive where the main character is reflecting on some life choices.

lanks#3. Lanks – Horoscopes

Lanks’ music sounds like has a really unique way of sounding catchy. It’s not like a typical pop track you’d come across at Starbucks or on the radio. It’s clever catchy.

aquilo#2. Aquilo – The Road Less Wandered

Brings me back to Aquilo of old. It’s got that signature sound, and the nostalgic feeling of sadness that came with a lot of Aquilo’s earlier stuff. Big fan of the little Western-sounding breakdown as well.

troye sivian#1. Troye Sivan – Bloom

It’s an overall damn fine pop track. I don’t know much about Troye Sivan, but glad I gave it a random listen when I was perusing the new releases from Spotify a few weeks back. Frankly though, I am sold on the track by virtue of the brilliant verses. So smooth and so catchy.