Songs of the Week 187: October 28 – November 3

allure#5. Allure – Lucky Day

Allure’s back with his signature sound and pulsing french dance vibes.

two another#4. Two Another – Coming Alive

Don’t know much about Two Another, except that they make some pretty chilled-out R&B/pop.

jungle#3. Jungle – Heavy, California

I’m not sure how I missed the release of Jungle’s new album. Might very well be my album of 2018. Every song is a winner, with Heavy, California being the big single pumped right now. The dancing in the video is an added bonus.

vice#2. Vice Feat. Jason Derulo & Ava Max – Make Up

Guilty pleasure alert. I don’t know how it’s possible to hate this. Frustratingly catchy.

jungle2#1. Jungle – Pray

Planning to buy tickets to Jungle’s trip to Vancouver in 2019, and Pray is the track I’m most excited for. Hasn’t quite got the fanfare that several other tracks off this album have received, but it’s got the kind of sound that is made for live shows.

Songs of the Week 18: July 12 – July 18

#5. Vice Feat. Gary Pine & Shayon THEHITMAN- Find A Way (Kayliox Remix) //

I am a sucker for a catchy verse, especially on anthemic dance numbers. Can’t ignore the nice beach/summer theme either.

addal#4. Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Addal Remix) //

This is a very… consistent… song. It’s 4 minutes of what feels like some sad sucker on a hopeless chase for something they’ll never get. There aren’t any highs or lows, no big drops or catchy hooks… just steady goodness and a great for late-night cruising.

obey city#3. Obey City Feat. Kelela – Airy

I’ve been a fan of Kelela for a while now, but this may be the first time I’ve heard her as a featured vocalist on a track (I’m sure it’s not her first feature, I’m just too lazy to research it). It’s it too punny to claim how much I love the “airy” sound of this track? Cause that’s exactly what it is. Airy and atmospheric.

arizona#2. A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong

Sometimes I listen to I Was Wrong and feel like it’s too repetitive. But then the sadness seeping out of the vocals make me fall in love with it all over again and I turn repeat back on. It’s a simple song, but often enough simple means better. At times it almost feels like the song wants to just let loose and become a club-banger, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some remixes pop out soon that do just that.

frances#1. Frances Feat. R I T U A L – When It Comes To Us

It was a tough choice this week for #1 between Frances and A R I Z O N A. However, my absolute love for R I T U A L (as seen here) put this one over the top. The song is already real strong and Frances is definitely making a name for herself (she strikes me very much as the “new” Ellie Goulding). But what really does it for me is the short spurts sung by R I T U A L. I melt everytime. This week seems to be full of songs that are full of pain, and no one does pain and suffering better than R I T U A L.