Songs of the Week 224: July 14 – July 20

russell louder#5. Russell Louder – Light of the Moon

London Garden lite is how Russell Louder comes across to me. Same sorta vibes, but not quite as anthemic. More of a subtle, indie pop undertone.

hero#4. Hero – Dirty Work

I meant to post this one last week and completely forgot. Ahh, the perils of the Spotify world and how easy it is to add a song to your favorites list. Love the electro-grime chorus.

sub-radio#3. Sub-Radio – Dreamcatcher

What started out as another “ya whatever, another poppy-sounding boy band” has burrowed it’s way into my brain and now I cannot stop singing the disgustingly happy-go-lucky chorus of Dreamcatcher. There’s something addictive about really well written catchy pop-chorus.

dirty radio#2. Dirty Radio Feat. Mogul – All That I’ve Become

My favorite track from Dirty Radio’s Pleasure release.

vlush#1. Vlush – 98 Degrees

I typically have a hard and fast rule that no songs can be shorter than 2 minutes. Well vlush has destroyed that rule, with not one but two of his sub-2 minute tracks sitting on repeat within my summer playlist.

Songs of the Week 223: July 7 – July 13

harry nathan#5. Harry Nathan – Rooftops

Really thought I’d featured Rooftops from Harry Nathan before. Apparently not. His off-beat summery pop track is good times.

DiRTY RADiO-Album-1.jpg#4. Dirty Radio – Midnight Stamina

Dirty Radio took a break from being featured in basically every release ever to drop a new album. Have a couple of tracks lined up to share from this bad boy.

mesita#3. Mesita – Untitled

Another solid release from my main man Mesita. Think the song really hits its stride 2:25 in.

lunacre#2. Lunacre – Love Being Lost

Soundcloud is my home for discovery of new music. It’s introduced me to so many bands, including the most recently discovered Vlush. I give Spotify’s discovery section a shot each week, and so far the algorithm just doesn’t seem to have me down quite like Soundcloud does. That set, mad props for pointing me in the direction of Lunacre’s Love Being Lost.

vlush#1. Vlush – Goner

THIS ALBUM IS SO STUPID GOOD. Ugh. What is this now, track 4 that’s been in either #1 or #2 spot for the last 4 weeks? Really hope this dude gets some recognition and makes it.