Songs of the Week 243: November 24 – November 30

yb#5. Yb. Feat S v W – Stay

This track’s got some subtle swagger. Diggin it.

ruby empress - faraday cage#4. Ruby Empress – Faraday Cage

Another stunner track from Ruby Empress off of Sinbolism. Love the strings.

gallant-sweet insomnia#3. Gallant Feat. 6lack – Sweet Insomnia

The final track I’ll be featuring from Gallant’s disgustingly good recent release. Think it really hits it’s stride in 6lack’s verse.

beck#2. Beck – Chemical

Wasn’t expecting a new Beck album. Can’t say I’m mad.

yb#1. Izniik – 4 Get About Me

Izniik is kinda the new Zhu. Super mysterious persona; makes very unusual, heavily robotic music; seems to release stuff only on Soundcloud >:|. Not much going here until that chorus pops off, and then BAM – straight up dance party.